Definition of stakeholder in US English:



  • 1(in gambling) an independent party with whom each of those who make a wager deposits the money or counters wagered.

    • ‘Back then, wagers were placed on top of wooden stakes while the ‘stakeholder’ supervised the betting.’
    • ‘The statute permits a gambling ‘loser’ or other permitted plaintiff to recover from ‘a winner, depositary or stakeholder’ money lost by a ‘wager, bet or stake.’’
  • 2A person with an interest or concern in something, especially a business.

    • ‘A central feature of the agreement is the recognition that farmers are just as much in the food business as any other stakeholder.’
    • ‘In many settings, community groups come to be recognized as legitimate stakeholders of businesses.’
    • ‘The three other board members are set to travel to see stakeholders, business partners and banks across Europe and America.’
    • ‘But with the voluntary sector, you also need people who can take account of the interests of stakeholders.’
    • ‘The event was attended by tourism stakeholders and members of the business communities of the three islands visited.’
    • ‘We will continue to engage with all stakeholders on issues and concerns they may have.’
    • ‘The body should also have regional networks in order to accommodate greater interests among stakeholders.’
    • ‘As the most important stakeholders in the organisation, workers have a vital interest in its welfare.’
    • ‘Different stakeholders have interests in ensuring dependable information is available to consumers.’
    • ‘The agreement is aimed at safe-guarding the interest of all the stakeholders.’
    • ‘I urge all stakeholders to keep an interest in the detail because this is where the real impact will be felt.’
    • ‘Online privacy is of interest to many different stakeholders in the Internet society.’
    • ‘In the case of modification, the innovation is changed to address concerns raised by stakeholders.’
    • ‘For those reasons the board concluded the interests of stakeholders would be best served by a sale of the Dutch business.’
    • ‘External stakeholders were concerned about the ability of large trusts to oversee continued quality of services and patient care.’
    • ‘Now residents, businesses, and other stakeholders are being asked to take part in discussions on a way forward.’
    • ‘Part of this responsibility is to ensure the company is a good corporate citizen, and looks after all its stakeholders.’
    • ‘As such it is in the interest of all stakeholders that the industry operates profitably.’
    • ‘He appealed to the business community and other stakeholders to take up the responsibility of developing the area.’
    • ‘These businesses are run principally for the benefit of their shareholders as the dominant stakeholders.’
    1. 2.1as modifier Denoting a type of organization or system in which all the members or participants are seen as having an interest in its success.
      ‘a stakeholder economy’
      • ‘Maybe that's okay, but it sure isn't the same as a day to day tax payer paid administration organizing stakeholder input on administrative issues.’
      • ‘Perhaps the most successful stakeholder trust has been the Alaska Permanent Fund, a state-run investment savings account that pays equal annual dividends to every Alaskan citizen.’
      • ‘Managers of public organizations generally have to deal with more stakeholder groups than privately owned organizations.’
      • ‘Once they are signed up, stakeholder customers are also likely to find more self-service options, allowing them to do things such as check their fund's value online.’
      • ‘This included allowing participants in company pension schemes to start stakeholder plans as well.’
      • ‘Alliances were a key growth strategy and significantly reduced stakeholder risk and product time to market while enabling small as well as large companies to participate in what was then an unproven market.’
      • ‘A version of a project proposed in the stakeholder workshops - a safety rating system for logging trucks - has since been implemented.’
      • ‘For all organizations each of their stakeholder interactions is asset-creating.’
      • ‘But still and all, it's worth remembering that stakeholder systems have shown promise in the past, not just in theory but in many years of practice.’
      • ‘Key stakeholder participation is vital to successful implementation.’
      • ‘Sponsors must also ensure that arrangements are in place for alerting them, and other stakeholder organizations, if significant developments occur in relation to safety or scientific direction.’
      • ‘Ms Phiri said the model was developed through stakeholder consultations and was subject to review every six months and that prices could be reviewed every month to reflect exchange rate changes and price variations.’
      • ‘The commission will look into the state of public education in Alberta, and has spent the past few months meeting with stakeholder organizations.’
      • ‘Senior management must be open to ideas from all stakeholder groups, including staff and customers.’
      • ‘The association has embarked on stakeholder discussions around the country to try and find resolute regulation to the timber industry.’
      • ‘The multi-dimensional inputs enter the labour relations system by means of stakeholder actors.’
      • ‘A key element of fairness described by committee members was that multiple stakeholder perspectives were represented.’
      • ‘About 80% of company stakeholder schemes have no members, and 87% of those that are active are funded only by the employees, with no company contribution.’
      • ‘The challenges to be addressed are, inter alia, stakeholder complexity, measurement challenges and a lack of control over a nation's image.’
      • ‘Members of personal pensions and stakeholder schemes can also normally take up to 25% of their fund tax-free.’