Definition of stagnation in US English:



  • 1The state of not flowing or moving.

    ‘blocked drains resulting in water stagnation’
    ‘clotting in blood vessels is associated with stagnation of the blood’
    • ‘Stagnation of heat in the liver and gall bladder affects the stomach, causing retching.’
    • ‘Barley sprout is used in treating food stagnation and strengthening the stomach.’
    • ‘Constipation and fullness of the lower abdomen are due to the stagnation of dampness disturbing the large intestine.’
    • ‘New water keeps the pond fresh and free from stagnation.’
    • ‘Raw and cold food may injure the spleen and tend to contribute to the stagnation of fluid circulation and the increase in the production of phlegm.’
    1. 1.1 Lack of activity, growth, or development.
      ‘a period of economic stagnation’
      ‘there is a risk of intellectual stagnation’
      • ‘In his hands, spatial autonomy becomes equivalent to cultural stagnation.’
      • ‘During the French Revolution there was obviously a period of stagnation in the formation of collections.’
      • ‘Periods of lively musical activity were interspersed with periods of stagnation.’
      • ‘He is a famous painter whose success has brought creative stagnation.’
      • ‘Socioeconomic problems and stagnation prevented the society from fulfilling its plans.’