Definition of staging area in US English:

staging area

(also staging point, staging post)


  • A stopping place or assembly point en route to a destination.

    ‘a vast staging area for guerrilla attacks’
    ‘the geese's major staging area on the St. Lawrence River’
    • ‘To mislead the enemy as to the direction of the main strike, staging areas, forward movement, and second echelon deployment lines can be simulated.’
    • ‘Repair work had yet to begin at Fair Grounds, which until Monday had been used as a staging area for National Guard troops in relief efforts, Early said.’
    • ‘The bush fires started burning into Gippsland, making the establishment of a staging area in that region increasingly likely.’
    • ‘Water and refuelling assets were tasked at numerous staging areas where helicopters and fire trucks needed them.’
    • ‘The shore entry at St Abbs Harbour for this dive is also the central staging point for the majority of all the shore diving in the area.’
    • ‘Reconnaissance is needed at all times: on the march, in a staging area, in the defensive, in the offensive, and even in retreat.’
    • ‘Sustainment of the deployed force begins once it is received and transported to its staging areas and continues until the campaign is completed.’
    • ‘Commodities and equipment have been placed in staging areas outside the hurricane zone, ready to be moved in when the storm hits and when officials know exactly where they're going to be needed.’
    • ‘Since that year, more and more condors have been bred in captivity, and more and more condors have been released into the wild - at three major staging areas in the U.S. and one in Baja California, Mexico.’
    • ‘Still others dream of space stations as staging points for expeditions to the planets and stars, as tourist attractions, or even as new cities and colonies that could relieve an overpopulated planet.’
    • ‘With no side access to the property, a crane was used to hoist sections of the framework over the shell and into the patio, which was used as a staging area for the assembly and installation.’
    • ‘They got people out of the neighborhood in record time, and we set up a staging area and command post at the beach, complete with helipad.’
    • ‘Deployment support teams verify the dimensions and weight of each item with a quick scan before it leaves the installation; this reduces the need for staging areas before items arrive at the port.’
    • ‘This species' use of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, as well as major migration staging areas, makes it vulnerable if these areas are lost or degraded.’
    • ‘Medan, the country's third-largest city, has been a major staging point for tsunami relief operations in Aceh province, on the northern tip of Sumatra island.’
    • ‘During the 1850s and into the Civil War period the fort was a staging area for soldiers dispersed along overland trails and near settlements.’
    • ‘World leaders were welcomed to Scotland by an RAF band and members of the Scottish Executive at a special staging point built in the centre of the airfield, and were flown on to Gleneagles in a fleet of private helicopters.’
    • ‘‘We had a small shop and worked in a large staging area for vehicles from different units,’ Beck said.’
    • ‘Wutai will be the staging point for continuous trekking stages along the Dona Forestry Trail, crossing the Zhuoshui River and taking the trekkers out of southern Taiwan.’
    • ‘Newport was to be turned over to the Marines as a staging area for shipboard duty and most of us were to be transferred to another basic school.’


staging area

/ˈstājiNG ˈerēə/