Definition of staghound in US English:



  • A large dog of a breed used for hunting deer by sight or scent.

    • ‘The staghound is such a versatile hunter it can be used on all introduced game ranging from bunnies up to scrub bulls.’
    • ‘Gun dogs, beagles, carriage horses and staghounds are highly trained and strictly controlled: they are also meticulously presented and in a certain measure put on display.’
    • ‘In fact I think for every 77 healthy deer killed by the staghounds every year, there are a further 18.5 killed on hunting days and 45.5 casualties on call out days, plus a further 37.2 dead on arrivals.’
    • ‘Staghounds have been a part of my life for the past 30 years and I have hunted a large variety of game with these dogs.’