Definition of staggers in US English:


plural noun

  • 1usually treated as singular Any of several parasitic or acute deficiency diseases of farm animals characterized by staggering or loss of balance.

    • ‘These plants are poisonous to livestock, causing a toxic syndrome known as blind staggers.’
    • ‘She was so weak that she almost had the blind staggers and gentle enough now that I could lead her to water and picket her.’
    • ‘As Heney points out, each of these diseases - with the sole exception of the staggers - causes swelling.’
    • ‘It is particularly toxic to horses and can cause the blind staggers.’
    1. 1.1 The inability to stand or walk steadily, especially as a result of giddiness.
      ‘he held the railing in case he got the staggers again’
      • ‘Then factor in guard impacts, reverses, soul charges, quick rolls, wall attacks, and staggers and you can imagine how hectic a fight can get, if played skillfully.’
      • ‘Ordinary members can get the head staggers on such occasions and land their leaders with some monsters.’
      • ‘And no less surprising, the Broncos have the staggers and will struggle to get beyond the semi finals next weekend.’
      • ‘She wore perfume which would give the most hardened logician the staggers.’
      • ‘Started as low key reply to the classier Australian Business from the Packer empire, it has outlasted the competition, even if the circulation has got the staggers at the moment.’
      • ‘None of the nasty sideways glances or boozy staggers of my week before, just relaxed and happy people doing their thing.’