Definition of stage-manage in English:



  • 1Be responsible for the lighting and other technical arrangements for (a stage play).

    • ‘He stage-managed and was in two sketches in The Dublin Theatre Festival Unclouded Day and Over the Rainbow.’
    • ‘I played Jim in The Glass Menagerie and then went on to stage-manage a production of Our Town by Thornton Wilder.’
    • ‘He was heavily involved with the amateur dramatics society, The Somerford Stagers, where he acted in and stage-managed various productions.’
    • ‘Well, I stage-managed at least 150 performances of that play through the course of ten years, even played some of the smaller roles in it.’
    1. 1.1 Arrange and control (something) carefully in order to create a certain effect.
      ‘he stage-managed his image with astounding success’
      • ‘Along the route ending in Parliament Square, five giant video screens were erected relaying selected images from the carefully stage-managed affair.’
      • ‘It sought to appeal mainly to the emotions by the use of ritual, carefully stage-managed ceremonies, and intensely charged rhetoric.’
      • ‘Party conferences have become stage-managed affairs.’
      • ‘Even political rallies these days are elaborately stage-managed and the audiences carefully selected.’
      • ‘Everything is stage-managed to the point where it is impossible to separate the real from the performed anymore.’
      • ‘They are absolutely right that conferences are extremely stage-managed, no part of them more so than the leader's speech.’
      • ‘Although it may seem as if most of her time is spent stage-managing her husband, it's clear that Wood gets a lot out of the travelling.’
      • ‘He said the group engaged in carefully stage-managed non-violent action.’
      • ‘Most of his comments brought gasps from the floor, gasps that seemed by the end increasingly stage-managed.’
      • ‘But no matter how stage-managed the campaign is, someone will always slip up.’
      • ‘She says her ever-mutating public image was stage-managed by the men in her life, who sought to mold her in their own image.’
      • ‘He would direct and stage-manage the production of the event.’
      • ‘Unwrapping them the next morning and gleefully comparing their contents is a joy no stage-managed event can ever provide.’
      • ‘She stage-manages a scandal better than anyone and the latest is one of her finest.’
      • ‘Carefully stage-managed campaigns often avoid appealing to the emotions of voters; their appeal is more to the intellect.’
      • ‘Our conferences have become more stage-managed and predictable.’
      • ‘He stage-managed his appearances and meticulously edited his past.’
      • ‘The account of these in the catalogue recalls the carefully stage-managed picnics and country expeditions of Queen Victoria, one of Landseer's most important patrons.’
      • ‘Her rescue, it transpires, was carefully stage-managed for maximum dramatic effect.’
      • ‘If they knew they were going to run out of money, they should have made the request earlier, not wait until one day before it expired and stage-manage a protest.’
      organize, arrange, make arrangements for, coordinate, lay on, put together, fix up, get together
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/ˈstāj ˌmanij//ˈsteɪdʒ ˌmænɪdʒ/