Definition of Staffordshire bull terrier in English:

Staffordshire bull terrier


  • A dog of a small stocky breed of short-haired terrier, with a short, broad head and wide-set forelegs.

    • ‘Manchester Dogs' Home currently looks after all sorts of dogs including, boxers, Labradors, Jack Russells and Staffordshire bull terriers.’
    • ‘The dog - a brown Staffordshire bull terrier - attacked our cat Frank, who was asleep in our front garden in Fleece Road at around 6.30 pm on August 1.’
    • ‘There's not one recorded bite or attack on humans by Staffordshire bull terriers in Canada and there's never been a human fatality in North America resulting from a bite.’
    • ‘She is looking forward to playing with her beloved Staffordshire bull terrier, Bo, and seeing her friends.’
    • ‘Ellie Isherwood, aged 20 months, has not slept at night since Meg the Staffordshire bull terrier escaped from home on Monday, December 22.’
    • ‘In 1989 Denver banned ownership of American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, and Staffordshire bull terriers - three breeds commonly referred to as pit bulls.’
    • ‘Detectives are now hunting a man and woman, who were with a Staffordshire bull terrier, who fled from the scene after being caught red-handed by the 24-year-old car owner.’
    • ‘Even his pet Staffordshire bull terrier is called Marvin - after boxing legend Marvellous Marvin Hagler.’
    • ‘Braintree residents are being warned to watch out for two Staffordshire bull terriers after one attacked and nearly killed a pet dog.’
    • ‘The owner of a missing Staffordshire bull terrier is offering a £50 reward to anyone who finds her.’
    • ‘The Percival family, of Meadowcroft, Radcliffe, were returning home from a Christmas party when they saw the female, sandy coloured Staffordshire bull terrier near to the Lond's shop in Ainsworth Road.’
    • ‘Maxine Monroe, 50, of Blyth Rd, Bromley, spent all night awake staring at her seven-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier, Boycie, on the night she got him back.’
    • ‘Mr and Mrs Dowse said their Staffordshire bull terriers Jake and Ice were pining for the greyhound.’
    • ‘Colour Sergeant Malcom Bower, accompanied by the regimental mascot Staffordshire bull terrier called Colour Sergeant Watchman IV, was proud to visit the regiment's origins.’
    • ‘But 18 months after the Staffordshire bull terrier disappeared he has been reunited with Mrs Cole after he was discovered by a dog warden who identified him by a microchip.’
    • ‘Coun John Kennell was told by café owners Sue Hathaway and Jill White that he could not take his Staffordshire bull terrier Petra through the café because he passed by the kitchen area where food is prepared.’
    • ‘When her Staffordshire bull terrier went missing Jackie Walker made inquiries and found four more had gone missing from the neighbourhood during the same afternoon.’
    • ‘She said: ‘I saw this white Staffordshire bull terrier running around with no lead or collar on, chasing a goose and then swans by the lake.’’
    • ‘The six-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier went missing from its home, near Pembroke, on bonfire night.’
    • ‘When ducks at Selby Animal Sanctuary started picking on new arrival Sir Francis, Chico the Staffordshire bull terrier stepped in to protect him, and now the dog and duck are inseparable.’


Staffordshire bull terrier

/ˌstafərdSHir ˌbo͝ol ˈterēər/