Definition of stable equilibrium in US English:

stable equilibrium


  • A state in which a body tends to return to its original position after being disturbed.

    • ‘Without the prior history of social interactions that friendship provides, acquaintances are likely to adjust their behavior on an ongoing basis as they react to each other, eventually finding a stable equilibrium.’
    • ‘He criticised Burke's assumption that society, as it then was constituted, tended naturally towards a stable equilibrium.’
    • ‘Also, suppose the population dynamics have reached a stable equilibrium.’
    • ‘There is a virtually infinite amount of work that needs to be done, research that needs to be performed, etc. to enable human beings to reach a stable equilibrium with our environment.’
    • ‘Flight must then require continuous corrections to a nominally stable equilibrium.’
    • ‘Neither Westphalian nor international legal sovereignty has ever been a stable equilibrium from which rulers had no incentives to deviate.…’
    • ‘This type of pattern is consistent with a population at a stable equilibrium that is exhibiting small random perturbations from that equilibrium value every generation.’
    • ‘It feels like I have adopted new eating habits that mean my body is going to find a stable equilibrium somewhere between 67 and 70 kg.’
    • ‘Neoclassical trade theory began by looking for a stable equilibrium - and found it, with factor price equalization, under free trade.’
    • ‘When a stable equilibrium is reached in the agents' relations to each other, they manage to survive in the ecosystem for a much longer time than they would on their own.’
    • ‘In this configuration, the ions exist in a stable equilibrium.’
    • ‘By improving the net resolution rate, all of these responses increase the distance between the stable equilibrium and the tipping point.’
    • ‘No political system that seizes income and wealth from some subjects and bestows them on others is ever in a stable equilibrium.’
    • ‘The downswings leading to reductions in stress and downward departures from the stable equilibrium have little effect on system behavior.’
    • ‘This disrupts the stable equilibrium of the two resident ions.’
    • ‘Loading the channel with multiple ions and calculating the respective potential energy profiles as before, we find that the channel can hold up to five Na+ ions in a stable equilibrium.’
    • ‘The stable equilibrium established by the resident ion is disrupted when an additional ion under the influence of an applied potential or chemical gradient enters the pore.’
    • ‘Because we are only interested in the long-term dynamical behavior, we focus on the stable equilibria.’
    • ‘This has been interpreted to mean that a successful biocontrol agent drives its host to a low stable equilibrium.’
    • ‘Solid portions of the curve represent locally stable equilibria whereas dashed portions of the curve represent unstable equilibria.’