Definition of stabilizer in US English:


(British stabiliser)


  • 1A thing used to keep something steady or stable.

    • ‘On her recommendation, I started taking a new anti-psychotic called Zyprexa, a mood stabilizer.’
    • ‘She had many comforts compared with older vessels, including stabilisers to reduce rolling in rough seas.’
    • ‘Built-in, automatic stabilizers are preferable to the vagaries of the appropriations process in Congress.’
    • ‘There are several ways of avoiding UV degradation in plastics by using stabilizers, absorbers or blockers.’
    • ‘Bad news for six year old kids still wobbling about on stabilisers - it is now illegal to ride your bicycle on the pavement.’
    • ‘To create an embroidered appliqué, place one to several layers of water-soluble stabilizer in your machine embroidery hoop.’
    • ‘The same mood stabilizers that help control manic depression (lithium, divalproex) also help control pathologic gambling, a preliminary study finds.’
    • ‘The initial assembly of the horizontal stabilizer is going smoothly.’
    • ‘Werner has released a ladder to eliminate the need for off-beat stabilizers like blocks of wood or dead bodies.’
    • ‘He smashed the tractor's "hooch" into the trailing edge of the horizontal stabilizer.’
    • ‘He also worked on the problem of classifying the stabiliser of the pencil which is a linear combination of the two matrices.’
    • ‘Patients with these conditions are usually treated with a mood stabilizer.’
    • ‘He said I could ask the doctor about taking a new mood stabilizer.’
    • ‘A UN administrative force however would have the additional benefit of shifting the perception of the international force from that of occupier to stabiliser.’
    • ‘Hold the design under running water for several minutes to flush out the remaining stabilizer.’
    • ‘However, the dampening effect of automatic stabilizers on output fluctuations differs significantly across countries.’
    • ‘Now Congress is about to repeal that economic stabilizer without putting any comparable safeguard in its place.’
    • ‘Solid, dense designs may curl, cup or distort knits, even with the perfect stabilizer choice.’
    • ‘Instead of the value of money, economics, in assimilating the Keynesian schema of analysis, discovered another stabilizer, the public sector.’
    • ‘Hopefully in such circumstances the Government would at least allow the automatic stabilisers to operate.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for horizontal stabilizer
      • ‘The reduced remnants of the second pair of wings are known as halteres, and seem to function as stabilizers or as airspeed detectors.’
      • ‘The forklift boom left a dent and a hole 2.5 feet wide along the leading edge, three feet from the tip of the stabilizer.’
      • ‘A maintenance alert had been issued in August for the same model of airplane after attachment bolts for the vertical stabiliser were found loose on a plane during a scheduled inspection.’
      • ‘Each aircraft had its own modified stabilizer of different shape and configuration.’
      • ‘Assembled from various stabilizers, wing sections, nose cones, pipes, fuselage chunks, and other random parts, all held tenuously in place by an improvised web of twisted wire, the piece is a monument of stored energy.’
      • ‘In the years between the two world wars, Sperry and his engineers developed the automatic pilot, the first airplane stabilizer, gyrostabilized bomb sights, and automatic-fire control systems.’
      • ‘The center fin was a fixed surface, extending vertically above the stabilizer at the center line of the airplane.’
      • ‘The right stabilizer, elevator, vertical fin and rudder, which were aligned with the path of the flames, were gone.’
      • ‘The falling block could also have damaged a wing flap or vertical stabiliser, meaning the autopilot could not have kept the shuttle at the precise 38-degree angle necessary for the tiles, damaged or not, to do their job.’
      • ‘The stabiliser, the horizontal surface on the tailplane, is jammed.’
      • ‘The horizontal tail was a single-unit stabilator rather than a conventional stabilizer plus a movable elevator.’
      • ‘McCarthy had managed to get out, though he broke his leg presumably by hitting the rear stabilizer on the way out.’
      • ‘Personnel from No.6 Squadron removed the tail fin, stabilisers and other components for carriage in a cargo aircraft.’
      • ‘Alphonse Penaud established the practice of setting the horizontal stabiliser at a negative angle of incidence relative to the wing chord, which provides longitudinal balance to an aircraft.’
      • ‘For air transportation, the vertical tail fin pivots, the main rotor blades and the horizontal stabiliser are folded, and the mast-mounted sight, the IFF antenna and the lower wire cutter are removed.’
      • ‘Check them the same way you did the ailerons: Push up on the elevator spar and see if there's any vertical movement relative to the stabilizer.’
      • ‘These fighters had large delta wings instead of the conventional wings and tail stabilizers.’
      • ‘Instead of putting fittings and turnbuckles on the streamlined tie-rod, he bent it and welded it to the spar of the stabilizer.’
      • ‘IAI and Cyclone Aviation Products Ltd in Carmiel manufacture the ventral fins, rudders, horizontal stabilisers and engine access doors.’
      • ‘They were shaped like bowties from the frontal view, with a compartment for the pilot where the knot would be, and large wings attached to the cockpit by stabilizers.’
    2. 1.2 A gyroscopically controlled system used to reduce the rolling of a ship.
      • ‘If you are on a tight budget, consider installing a hydrofoil stabilizer on the lower unit of your outdrive or outboard.’
      • ‘The accident happened when the stabilisers of a flat-bed lorry that had been lifting the container sunk into soft mud, causing it to topple over.’
      • ‘But today's ships are often such behemoth megaliners with such effective stabilizers that veteran cruisers are crestfallen to find they no longer are rocked to sleep by the gentle motion of the ocean.’
      • ‘With its stabilizer removed, it sailed at high speed on a zigzag course, thus reducing the chance of accurate U-boat targeting.’
      • ‘She had many comforts compared with older vessels, including stabilisers to reduce rolling in rough seas.’
      • ‘Active roll-damping fin stabilisers have been added for operation in high sea states.’
      • ‘I never slept better feeling the pitch and roll as I lay down at night (no stabilizers in those days).’
      • ‘Two rudders and two active fin stabilisers are installed for precision manoeuvring.’
      • ‘All large passenger ships are equipped with stabilizers, and the ride usually is smooth.’
      • ‘You do also need to be mindful that while the diesel-electrically powered Patricia is very quiet, she's no large cruise ship with stabilisers, so expect a little movement when the sea's lumpy.’
      • ‘The all-steel ship has stealth features, extra space for Task Group personnel, and fin stabilisers.’
      • ‘Most if not all cruise ships have stabilizers, however many cruise ships are so big these days that you don't even know that you are at sea.’
      • ‘Summer and autumn coincide with the hurricane season, and although the big cruise ships have stabilisers, you probably want to be thinking of November through to May, when the weather's not at its best in Scotland.’
      • ‘The ship lost its sonar dome and the starboard stabiliser in the grounding.’
      • ‘Bob turned off the invisibility and the stabilizers, which keep the ship from rolling away, off to conserve energy.’
      • ‘There are no bilge keels, but stabilisation is achieved by a combination of fin stabilisers from Blohm and Voss and a controlled passive tank system supplied by Intering.’
      • ‘And having the aft thrusters working on the ship would be nice… working stabilizers would be even better.’
    3. 1.3stabilizersBritish Training wheels.
      • ‘But now experts are arguing that stabilisers, which for decades have been used to help children learn to cycle, could actually be hindering their progress, and they are launching an experiment to prove it.’
      • ‘These adult stabilisers will enable anyone of adult size to learn to ride a bicycle, they can also with help balancing problems but they are not intended to be used for people who are unable to balance.’
    4. 1.4 A financial mechanism that prevents unsettling fluctuation in an economic system.
      ‘the role of taxes and public spending as automatic stabilizers in modern economies’
      • ‘It legitimated an active state to stabilise demand and maintain the economy close to full employment through the use of automatic stabilisers and high levels of public spending on welfare and defence programmes.’
      • ‘To make the proposed stabilisers automatic, they can be linked to GDP forecasts.’
      • ‘The Reserve Bank is relaxed about that fiscal stimulus and believes that it will act as a stabiliser, given that economic growth is forecast to decline during the 2004-06 period.’
      • ‘Currently, it is up to Congress to enact discretionary fiscal policy, which would remain true even with an improvement in automatic stabilizers.’
      • ‘It is more likely that he would have applauded the Fed for its swift action, and then argued that the fiscal stimulus validated his notion of government as an economic stabilizer.’
      • ‘The President's tax cut was well timed, and along with the automatic stabilizers, helped mitigate the recession.’
      • ‘But now, as taxes are less progressive, unemployment insurance has been cut back, the minimum wage is so low, and welfare is restricted, automatic stabilizers are no longer providing as much stimulus.’
      • ‘Central banks are not only the economy's stabilizers, they are also its risk managers.’
      • ‘However, the dampening effect of automatic stabilizers on output fluctuations differs significantly across countries.’
      • ‘Economists call these cyclical fiscal boosts ‘automatic stabilizers.’’
      • ‘This is the point where the game slips out of the hands of the stabilizers and hyperinflation and depression loom.’
      • ‘Capitalism requires built-in fiscal-policy stabilizers because business cycles are an inherent feature of capitalist economies.’
      • ‘Finally, there is one idea that could destroy government's ability to make use of automatic stabilizers: the notion that there should be a balanced-budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.’
      • ‘The advent of Keynesian economics in the post-Second World War period has seen taxation used as a tool of macro-economic policy with rates varied as a stabilizer against economic fluctuations.’
      • ‘Hopefully in such circumstances the Government would at least allow the automatic stabilisers to operate.’
      • ‘Minsky insisted that the existence of automatic fiscal stabilizers meant the difference between failed and successful capitalism.’
      • ‘There remains a place for traditional Keynesian countercyclical fiscal policy that operates through automatic stabilizers based on the system of progressive taxation and transfers.’
      • ‘Built-in, automatic stabilizers are preferable to the vagaries of the appropriations process in Congress.’
      • ‘The currency board regime played up to some extent its intended role as an automatic stabilizer of the external accounts.’
      • ‘Specifically, fiscal policy worked to moderate economic cycles through automatic stabilizers.’
  • 2A substance which prevents the breakdown of emulsions, especially in foods and paints.

    • ‘The pink mass of processed meat, gristle, salt, water, stabilizer, emulsifier and anti-oxidant slid forth in a solid mass.’
    • ‘Two components used in making the polyvinyl chloride are lead stabilizers and plasticizers, which allow the material to remain flexible.’
    • ‘Didn't most of us spend the last few years trying to get people to stop adding chemicals and stabilizers to food?’
    • ‘The most likely irritant in emollient creams is the stabiliser propylene glycol.’
    • ‘The lower the fat content in the ice cream, the more necessary it is to have stabilizers and emulsifiers to keep the fat evenly dispersed throughout, and to prevent the grainy texture caused by the formation of ice crystals.’
    • ‘New environmental regulation in many countries has greatly reduced the dissipative uses for lead such as paint, leaded gasoline, pigments, stabilizers, solder, and ammunition.’
    • ‘In the food industry, fatty acids are used as emulsifiers, stabilizers, lubricants, and defoamers.’
    • ‘The ingredients - water, milk protein, fat, sugar, emulsifiers, stabilizers, flavours and a lot of air - are mixed together before being pasteurized and homogenized.’
    • ‘For more than 50 years, Methocel gums have been used in a broad range of food products, serving as binders, emulsifiers, stabilizers, suspension agents, protective colloloids and thickeners.’
    • ‘Solid vinyl tile is a non-backed product that contains higher levels of vinyl resins, plasticizers and stabilizers than composition tile.’
    • ‘Smokeless explosives such as cordite, first produced in England in 1889, used gelatinized nitrocellulose, or gun cotton, mixed with minerals and nitroglycerine; stabilizers were later added.’
    • ‘To improve the workability of PVC resin various ingredients are added to the resin including stabilizers, impact modifiers, lubricants, plasticizers, biocides and flame retardants.’
    • ‘The new company is a world leader in hydrocolloid food thickeners and stabilisers, xanthan and pectin, and was expected to have an annual turnover of about $470m.’
    • ‘For example, in developing new all-dairy based puddings, we could not use the typical stabilizers and emulsifiers, such as modified food starch and sodium stearoyl lactylate, found in conventional puddings.’
    • ‘These materials are the glass-forming substances, fluxes, stabilizers, and secondary components.’
    • ‘Many commercial, large-scale manufacturers make ice cream from fat, water, milk proteins, sugar, stabilisers and emulsifiers.’
    • ‘Since it is generally recognized as safe for ingestion, it is used extensively in food products as a stabilizer, thickener, binding agent, emulsifier, adhesive agent, film former, and texturizer.’
    • ‘Also, these ingredients act as stabilizers to help emulsifying systems in the ice cream mix.’
    • ‘After the cheese is subjected to texture and flavor tests, the whey is drained before warm and cold rinses, followed by the addition of fat dressings, milk, cream, stabilizers and salt.’
    • ‘But while fluorinated and siloxane based stabilisers have been very successful, they are also prohibitively expensive for commercial applications.’
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