Definition of stabilator in US English:



  • A combined stabilizer and elevator at the tail of an aircraft.

    • ‘We had our airspeed back, the stabilator was functioning normally, and the aircraft was flying fine.’
    • ‘The leading edge of my left outboard pylon dented the trailing edge of the adjacent jet's right stabilator.’
    • ‘Our postflight walk-around showed a large burn on top of the vertical stabilator.’
    • ‘Pitch control employs an all-flying stabilator rather than the more conventional horizontal stabilizer and elevator.’
    • ‘Wet wings, Fowler flaps and an all-moving stabilator are some of the other innovations included on the Cardinal.’
    • ‘The horizontal tail was a single-unit stabilator rather than a conventional stabilizer plus a movable elevator.’
    • ‘The stab amp enables the stabilator, the horizontal airfoil at the tail of the helicopter, to operate properly.’
    • ‘I now focused at my left DDI and confirmed my worst fears: mechanical reversion, with a total failure of the stabilators.’
    • ‘If it's a stabilator, peek down inside the fuselage and/or tail cone and try to see the pivot point.’
    • ‘A new folding tail and stabilator were added to ease shipboard use.’
    • ‘When hydraulic pressure was applied, the port horizontal stabilator shifted down, hit the ladder, and caused a five-inch hole in the leading edge of the stabilator.’
    • ‘A quick check of the flight-control system page revealed a single ‘X’ in channel 4 of the right stabilator.’
    • ‘The jet made one last, large, nose-down pitch with the stabilators moving full throw, and I was looking at a glare shield full of flight deck.’
    • ‘On touchdown, I immediately applied the brakes and fed in a little back stick to raise the stabilators and increase the drag.’