Definition of St. Anthony's Cross in English:

St. Anthony's Cross

(also St. Anthony Cross)


  • A T-shaped cross.

    • ‘St. Anthony can be identified by the t-shaped, ‘Tao’ cross he grasps in his left hand (also known as St. Anthony's Cross).’
    • ‘St. Francis adopted St. Anthony's Cross after meeting monks working at a leper house in Assisi.’
    • ‘The Tau Cross, also known as St. Anthony's Cross or Crux Commissa and many others, is an ancient and heraldic cross.’
    • ‘History also records the use of the Greek Cross, the Maltese Cross, the Celtic Cross, the Calvary Cross, the Lorraine Cross, the St. Andrews Cross, the St. Anthony's Cross and even Double-Cross, itself a cross.’
    • ‘The "St. Anthony's Cross," or crux commissa, was actually the most commonly-used cross used by the Romans for crucifixions.’