Definition of sriracha in English:



  • A spicy sauce made with red chili and garlic, served especially with Vietnamese and Thai cuisine.

    ‘I like pho with a generous dose of sriracha’
    • ‘The classic recipe gets a kick from some spicy sriracha.’
    • ‘Two of the best appetizers, a seafood salad and a tuna tartare, are enticingly seasoned with sesame seeds and sriracha.’
    • ‘It was hot and nourishing, and although perhaps not as salty or spicy as I like, that can easily be fixed with some soy sauce and sriracha.’
    • ‘For his hot and sour salad, he slices cabbage leaves into ribbons, sears them with olive oil, rice wine vinegar and a shot of spicy sriracha and mounds them next to watercress and a row of toasted, buttery macadamias.’
    • ‘Sriracha, a spicy chili sauce with a hint of sweetness, is finding its way to kitchen cupboards worldwide.’
    • ‘And this is one of my favorite ingredients, sriracha, it's a Vietnamese hot sauce.’
    • ‘Everything you need is on hand, from ketchup and mayonnaise dispensers to a big bin of fresh limes and squeeze bottles of Sriracha.’
    • ‘So the sauce we've coated the sweetbreads in has a little bit of this sriracha, some fresh lime juice and a little bit of butter to give it a little bit richness.’
    • ‘The best dish might be the roasted Brussels sprouts, dressed with sriracha, lime, and honey.’
    • ‘The Vanderbilt, a new eatery in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, dresses them in lime, honey, and sriracha, the fiery Thai condiment that was inescapable in 2009.’


Thai, from the name of the city in which the sauce originated.