Definition of squirearchical in US English:



  • See squirearch

    • ‘The gullible Albert and his deeply honest best friend Louis Fillou are destined from birth to be on the ‘other side’ in this kind of squirearchical society, coming as they do from peasant families.’
    • ‘Indeed the middle stretch of the Hudson Valley, particularly the eastern bank, from just south of Albany through Tivoli, Hyde Park, Poughkeepsie, and Garrison to Peekskill, was laid out in a series of grand squirearchical estates unmatched by any concentration in England or France.’
    • ‘Thus the furniture, the framed photographs, the interesting certificates of honours and awards bestowed on the family capture a certain squirearchical ambience which no mere designer would be able to replicate.’
    • ‘After naval service at the end of the second world war war, he won a scholarship to Christ Church, Oxford, where he gained a first-class degree in modern history, before writing his doctoral thesis on Coke of Holkham and the agricultural revolution - a topic well suited to his bluff, squirearchical manner.’
    • ‘In Wuthering Heights, one is irresistibly reminded of Rob Roy's setting in the wilds of Northumberland, among the uncouth and quarrelsome squirearchical Osbaldistones, who spend their time drinking and gambling.’