Definition of squinty in US English:



  • See squint

    often in combination ‘squinty-eyed’
    • ‘Stoic and economical in his movements, expressing emotional pain through tight-lipped grimaces and squinty eyes, Mortenson is the perfect cowboy hero.’
    • ‘He had a round face covered in stubble, thick eyebrows, small, dark, squinty eyes, full round lips and very short receding dark hair.’
    • ‘Elam's portrayals of sinister thugs, gangsters and gunslingers were aided immeasurably by his squinty, wandering left eye.’
    • ‘We sat outside for a few minutes, facing into the sun with squinty eyes, and then a chill wind blew in, covered the entire sky, and chucked a squall of rain our way.’
    • ‘And even as I am relating this story I know you are looking upon me with great anger in your squinty, beady eyes.’