Definition of squiggly in US English:



  • See squiggle

    • ‘Watch for the blinking squiggly line and press a button when you see it.’
    • ‘Although I had not intended to mention a slight problem with my right hand, the tone of his question made me tell him that I had some stiffness that was making my writing a bit squiggly.’
    • ‘I was always fascinated with the written word, even before I could read, and I must have recognised that there was something inherently magical about squiggly symbols organised in lines and packed together like corduroy.’
    • ‘I snapped, irritated, and bent over this journal again, watching my hand shake as I scribbled a long squiggly line across the lined pages.’
    • ‘The bündnerfleisch was well-paired with the cheese, which was shaved off the wheel into little squiggly slices somewhat resembling pencil shavings, of all things.’