Definition of squiggle in US English:



  • A short line that curls and loops in an irregular way.

    ‘some prescriptions are a series of meaningless squiggles’
    • ‘Using the glass paints, make squiggles, dots or lines on the surface of the bottles.’
    • ‘Then, using a straw, get your child to blow the paint into funny lines and squiggles so all the colours mix and overlap.’
    • ‘He pointed out a squiggle containing two loops drawn at the top of the page.’
    • ‘He tried to make out the name on the signature line, but all he got was an ‘M’ followed by a squiggle, and an ‘O’ followed by a longer squiggle with a big bump near the beginning.’
    • ‘I now have pages filled with meaningless strings of words, little diagrams, squiggles and waves.’
    • ‘I stared at the page of equations I had just finished, looking at the neat rows of numbers and seeing nothing but a blur of meaningless squiggles.’
    • ‘The squeeze bottles quickly form squiggles, dots, and spirals on almost every dish, and they're even used for tasks like dressing salads that do not require their precision.’
    • ‘He always takes a torch pen along so he can see what he is writing - he learned very early that taking notes in the dark left a meaningless squiggle.’
    • ‘When a bat swoops overhead, Miller's laptop beeps and clicks, and corresponding lines and squiggles appear on the screen.’
    • ‘From simple lines to curves, squiggles and intricate designs - she creates endless patterns in no time.’
    • ‘In about 30 seconds, cartoonist Rahnu can turn a spiral into a snail, a scribble into a bunny and a squiggle into a bird.’
    • ‘Alternately, if you doubt your ability to draw, ask someone who can draw to do it for you, with you sitting there explaining what all of those strange lines and squiggles mean.’
    • ‘Most of the scratchy lines and squiggles visible here are the green patina of oxidized bronze, not a part of the original coin as cast.’
    • ‘The line with squiggles on it was said to represent the laying of carpet.’
    • ‘Those funny dots, lines, and squiggles help writers point the way.’
    • ‘We had spent the last hour and a half trying to program our computer to make pretty patterns but all we got was a line, a squiggle and crashing computers.’
    • ‘Opening up my textbook, I find a mass of lines, squiggles, and letters.’
    • ‘The powder came to my boot tops, and we never seemed to come close to our previous tracks, leaving long, gorgeous snow squiggles that stretched for miles.’
    • ‘Together, they drew lines, and squiggles, and circles, until the green crayon was exhausted.’
    • ‘She makes a series of squiggles - and when she's done I see that each is a circle with a perpendicular line.’
    signature, autograph, cross, x, scribble, initials, imprint
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[no object]North American
  • 1Wriggle; squirm.

    ‘a worm that squiggled in his palm’
    • ‘She squiggled easily out of his grasp and chased after the ball, which was rolling across the floor.’
    • ‘However, if I start to squiggle please let me know.’
    • ‘He frowned and one eyebrow squiggled into a question mark.’
    • ‘We had some people in the drawing room, and Miss Dog was squiggling about on the floor being winsome.’
    • ‘I'm trying to reel them in and throw them squiggling into the boat.’
    • ‘Looks like it squiggled down near that bench over there.’
    • ‘He said: ‘I'm sick of the others wriggling and squiggling over it.’’
    • ‘Roguish building blocks appear to be recklessly stacked, squiggle across scoured plazas or bend upward or away as if seen through a curved lens.’
    • ‘Vanessa shrieked, bucking and squiggling, kicking and flailing.’
    • ‘Namazu squiggled over in his fish-waddle manner.’
    • ‘At the sound of Eddie's complaint, Johnny walked and I hobbled into the sitting room where Eddie sat squiggling about in the seat trying to get comfortable.’
    • ‘They (to switch to the gender-free plural) are also wont to niggle and squiggle over every jot and tittle.’
    • ‘He tries squiggling out from underneath me, but I am the Tickling Queen, and he fails.’
    • ‘When I was laying there, squiggling around, I was anything but tired.’
    • ‘She squiggled around on the easement, scuffing her new green sandals in the gravel.’
    • ‘Sage stared in amazement as she was squiggling around, trying to get away.’
    • ‘But the par - 3 third is downhill, and suddenly we're in northern Minnesota, with narrow fairways lined by pines and cedars and Sand Creek squiggling across many holes.’
    • ‘Taile dug his fingers into Cali's ribs, causing him to squiggle around, laughing, his eyes opening.’
    • ‘I felt Allegra squiggling around inside me and I knew she was going to be remarkable.’
    • ‘‘First meal at a fine restaurant,’ I speculated to myself, savoring a custardy bite of 1015 onion flan and spearing a spring onion, its green top squiggling across the plate and its tart beurre blanc gleaming in the sepia-toned light.’
    meander, snake, twist, twist and turn, tack, wind, weave, wander, wiggle, undulate
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    1. 1.1with object Squeeze (something) from a tube so as to make irregular, curly lines on a surface.
      ‘I watched the girl squiggle yellow and red paint on the paper’
      • ‘I squiggled the soap and made it into cakes to give to Mr. Toot and Husky.’


Early 19th century: perhaps a blend of squirm and wiggle or wriggle.