Definition of squeamishness in US English:



  • See squeamish

    • ‘By failing to make these distinctions (though you'll perhaps understand our squeamishness when it comes to these sorts of details), we've made the world seem like a much nastier and more dangerous place than it is.’
    • ‘But beyond puritanical squeamishness - and the native instinct of all bureaucracies to create policies upon policies - employers have good reason to outlaw porn.’
    • ‘Researcher Nathaniel Fried at Johns Hopkins Medical School in Balti said men should overcome their squeamishness and opt for a vasectomy - a far cheaper and safer operation than female sterilization.’
    • ‘Yet underneath the seemingly rational arguments lay a primal and recurring squeamishness at the sight of blood, combined with a feeling of uneasiness in dealing with death, whoever's it may be.’
    • ‘‘I do not understand squeamishness about the use of gas,’ Churchill wrote.’