Definition of squeal like a pig in US English:

squeal like a pig


  • Squeal or yell loudly and shrilly.

    • ‘Andrew was squealing like a stuck pig after last year's $18 a week rise for the nation's working poor.’
    • ‘The chorus mostly natters in a monotone, the soprano squeals like a stuck pig, the percussion instruments gurgle solemnly, the string soloists noodle, and the conductor stands in the middle of it all sending out anguished conductorial signals.’
    • ‘I moaned about feeling sweaty so he shut me up by turning the hose on me and making me squeal like a stuck pig.’
    • ‘She jumped back in surprise when the figure squealed like a stuck pig and began to race around the room on all fours, scattering its filth all over the place.’
    • ‘All of them, except one who is… um, slightly overweight, jumped into the building through the window, headfirst, while our fat friend was squealing like a stuck pig, ‘I can't climb up!’
    • ‘One scene in particular had me squealing like a stuck pig from the awkwardness of it.’
    • ‘The execrable Mr. Cole squeals like a stuck pig when the shoe is on the other foot.’
    • ‘You can't have someone who has been squealing like a stuck pig about these proposals to increase shareholder power chairing the country's largest shareholder.’
    • ‘She incessantly talks loudly to herself in high-pitched screeching cartoony voices, makes what I can only describe as ‘squirrel noises,’ and squeals like a stuck pig whenever she gets an e-mail/fax/etc.’
    • ‘The coffee couldn't have been hot enough for him to clutch his throat and squeal like a stuck pig.’