Definition of square wave in US English:

square wave


  • A periodic wave that varies abruptly in amplitude between two fixed values, spending equal times at each.

    • ‘The electrical signal generator generates signals that are pulses that are adjustable in frequency, modulation, pulse width and amplitude with modified square waves.’
    • ‘If the magnet is in the middle of the vibrating string, the waveform should be a symmetrical square wave.’
    • ‘The test profiles we selected to simulate this behavior consisted of square waves with 2-32 ppb peak magnitudes and periods ranging from 10 to 100 seconds.’
    • ‘Another problem stems from the use of an inverter that supplies alternating current in square waves, rather than the rounded, sine waves produced by conventional generating equipment.’
    • ‘The amplitude of the square wave electric stimulus with duration of 40-80 ms was adjusted above the threshold for the AP eliciting.’