Definition of square knot in US English:

square knot


  • A type of double knot that is made symmetrically to hold securely and to be easy to untie.

    British term reef knot
    • ‘The procedure doesn't distinguish, for example, between the granny knot and the square knot even though it is impossible to deform one into the other.’
    • ‘Poe dropped down the rope and Dustin wrapped it tightly around the animal's eyes, securing it with a square knot.’
    • ‘Instead, he figured that tiny square knots would do the trick.’
    • ‘Now tie two square knots with the cording and cut the cord as close as you can without letting the knots come undone.’
    • ‘He twisted the two sides and knotted them in a normal knot at the back, and twisted them back again upfront and locked them in square knot.’


square knot

/ˈskwɛr ˌnɑt//ˈskwer ˌnät/