Definition of square-rigged in US English:



  • (of a sailing ship) having the principal sails at right angles to the length of the ship, supported by horizontal yards attached to the mast or masts.

    • ‘A few months ago I had the opportunity to sail among the Caribbean islands once again, this time on the square-rigged cruise ship Royal Clipper.’
    • ‘Few, if any, of the divers aboard the JdL for our late-summer dive cruise had prior sailing experience, particularly on a square-rigged sailing ship like this brigantine.’
    • ‘The square-rigged, steel hulled, vessel attracted huge interest from locals and visitors during her stay.’
    • ‘Grand Turk, the square-rigged fighting frigate best known as HMS Indefatigable in the TV series Hornblower, returns to Whitby this month before being featured in a film on the life of Napoleon.’
    • ‘The square-rigged sailing ship Stavros S Niarchos was launched in 2000 to provide sail training for young people.’
    • ‘Though square-rigged sailing ships have just about vanished from our oceans, they have left us present-day sailors with a racial memory of grandeur, power, and beauty.’