Definition of squad car in US English:

squad car


  • A police patrol car.

    • ‘Swearing and shouting, Cowley then lunged towards one of the officers and grabbed his stab-proof vest as he was trying to get back into the police squad car.’
    • ‘Three youths from were arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning after they rammed a squad car injuring two local Gardaí.’
    • ‘A Garda squad car patrolled the area and kept a watchful eye on the proceedings.’
    • ‘Thus restrained, Callis was loaded into the back of a squad car and driven to the Culver City police station.’
    • ‘Two police officers gave chase in a squad car after the driver of a Ford Sierra failed to stop when requested at around 11.30 am.’


squad car

/ˈskwɑd ˌkɑr//ˈskwäd ˌkär/