Definition of spud wrench in US English:

spud wrench


  • A long bar with a socket on the end for tightening bolts.

    • ‘When I was doing phone construction we used spud wrenches for lining up bolt holes and holding things in place while hanging cross arms and cable attachments.’
    • ‘If this happens, you will have to insert some sort of tool into the strainer from above to stop it from turning - an internal spud wrench can do the trick, but long-nose pliers work very well, too.’
    • ‘Box end spud wrenches are used primarily for the final tightening and loosening of fasteners.’
    • ‘The bolt is tightened further by either hammering on the spud wrench or using a pneumatic impact wrench until the rotating part has rotated the required amount.’
    • ‘Consider a multi-wrench for those all-purpose jobs, but also add a pipe wrench, a spud wrench, strap and chain wrench, and a monkey wrench.’