Definition of spring line in US English:

spring line


  • A hawser laid out diagonally aft from a ship's bow or forward from a ship's stern and secured to a fixed point in order to prevent movement or assist maneuvering.

    • ‘Secondly, a ten-foot spring line might become 13 feet long under load.’
    • ‘They have no one to help take your lines so have someone ready to jump to the dock with a spring line and stern line.’
    • ‘They watched as the sails were lowered, the lines tossed to dockworkers who tied bow, stern and spring lines to cleats lining the dock.’
    • ‘Will I remember how to use the spring lines, and will she yell at me for missing the piling?’
    • ‘The boat coming alongside should have a pair of spring lines that can be handed to crew on the boat they are tying to.’