Definition of spray tan in US English:

spray tan


  • 1A beauty treatment in which the body is sprayed with a product containing chemicals that react with the skin to produce an artificial suntan.

    ‘I get a spray tan about once a week at a local salon’
    • ‘Spray tans are popular on big occasions.’
    • ‘Today Breanna went to a tanning place in her hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas to get a spray tan.’
    • ‘With no sun in sight she popped in to a beauty salon for a spray tan and got her colour topped up in record time.’
    • ‘Looking younger by any means necessary is on everyone's agenda, from Knightsbridge ladies who lunch to Essex college girls skiving off classes to get a spray tan.’
    • ‘He has revealed that show bosses forced him to have a spray tan because he looked too pale.’
    • ‘It's practically ritual at some mags for the girls to duck off on a Thursday afternoon for a spray tan in their lunch breaks.’
    • ‘Matina did the spray tan for my wedding and even the makeup artist thought I was naturally olive skinned.’
    • ‘She shocked the nation when she announced that she has a spray tan every two days and has never blow-dried her own hair.’
    • ‘Before the final he had his first ever spray tan to accentuate his rippling physique.’
    • ‘After getting a spray tan, the native New Yorker went into the studio to work on her upcoming solo album.’
    • ‘Their facials and skin treatment, as well as the sunbed and spray tans are in huge demand.’
    • ‘It seems she took her mind off things by getting a spray tan.’
    1. 1.1 An artificial suntan.
      ‘her sequins and spray tan have been replaced by a hooded jumper and leggings’
      • ‘A normally pale white guy with blonde hair looks ridiculous with a dark brown spray tan.’
      • ‘The spray tan, the blow-dry, lashes - they're iconic when it comes to beauty.’
      • ‘Maybe its because of my lack of spray tan, gel and South Beach apparel - but no one talked to me.’
      • ‘Apparently you're not supposed to use bar soap in the shower afterwards (shower gel instead) because it shortens the life of a spray tan.’
      • ‘I am pretty fair skinned and the last thing I wanted was an obvious spray tan streaking down my body.’
      • ‘Spend $50 and you'll walk out of the elegant, minimalist shop and spa with a perfect spray tan that lasts a week or longer.’
      • ‘Was it a spray tan, a fake tan, or had he, as he insisted, just been sitting in his back garden?’
      • ‘Lauren was joined on her day in the sun by co-star Jessica Wright, who showed off her deep spray tan in a luminous pink bikini.’
      • ‘He has a rich mahogany spray tan.’
      • ‘His spray tan was unconvincing.’