Definition of spray paint in English:

spray paint


  • Paint that is contained in an aerosol can for the purpose of spraying onto a surface.

    ‘a can of luminous yellow spray paint’
    • ‘I'll admit that this album came in handy after a traffic cop searched me this week, facilitating a brief hate-the-state high that had me hunting for my old hoodie and comparing prices on spray paint.’
    • ‘On opposite walls hung two other large paintings combining tape, spray paint and scrawls or full splashes of brightly colored paint.’
    • ‘When I first met him, he was making paintings using spray paint.’
    • ‘As Dondi moved from subway-train painting to picture making, he elaborated his range of line and color effects in spray paint.’
    • ‘The expertly rendered paintings, done with spray paint and loosely applied acrylic on mirrors, have a certain maudlin, we-are-the-world quality, thanks to their rainbow-hued palette.’
    • ‘I took the can of spray-paint and snuck up to her car.’
    • ‘Hand out free cans of spray paint beside a wall that can be seen by everyone in the world, and you're going to get a hell of a lot of graffiti.’
    • ‘But her ghetto blaster was never far from her can of spray paint.’
    • ‘Before she can deface it with a can of spray paint, Adam approaches her.’
    • ‘All I did was spray a little spray-paint on my house, that's it.’
    • ‘She grabbed a can of red spray-paint and shook it up, looking around at the walls.’
    • ‘Jose ransacked his basement looking for some spray-paint.’
    • ‘Opening the backpack, I pulled out a can of black spray-paint and began to write.’
    • ‘In bright red spray paint, Ted could recognize the Dragon's sign, but saw that it had been crossed out with black spray paint.’
    • ‘‘Here you are, ma'am,’ Ashley handed the lady a can of black spray paint.’
    • ‘I was trying to save money by using latex paint instead of spray-paint.’
    • ‘Silver spray-paint gives PVC tubing an impressive metallic look.’
    • ‘In the powerful heat of an Iowa summer, scrubbing spray-paint off concrete sidewalks with electric wire brushes is a painstaking job.’
    • ‘She wore the same faded tee shirt with yellow spray paint streaked across the front.’
    • ‘As spray paint was an expensive and rare commodity locally, they used it only sparingly, for details and lettering, relying mainly on latex house paint to develop their eccentric style.’


spray paint

/ˈsprā ˌpānt/