[WITH OBJECT]spray-paint
  • 1Paint (an image or message) on to a surface with a spray.

    • ‘I heard that every house and shop had a large red X spray-painted on the door to indicate that it had been searched.’
    • ‘He was caught spray-painting anti-Israeli slogans on university buildings twice during the summer.’
    • ‘Many of them are looking at a curious message spray-painted on the side of the tower.’
    • ‘Adam takes a shine to Evelyn, and she gives him her number, spray-painted on the inside of his jacket.’
    • ‘Disabling them is fundamentally different from protesting in the streets or even the trivial offence of spray-painting graffiti on signage.’
    • ‘I also urge the martial arts club to stop spray-painting offensive slogans about our rivals on the walls.’
    colour, apply paint to, decorate, tint, dye, stain, distemper, whitewash, emulsion, gloss, spray, spray-paint, airbrush, roller, coat, cover
    daub, smear, plaster, spray, spray-paint, airbrush
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    1. 1.1 Paint (a surface) with a spray.
      ‘they were spray-painting the chairs’
      • ‘In fact, the auto industry invested heavily in robots to do welding and spray-paint vehicles.’
      • ‘When Troy fails to show up for a scheduled drinking binge, Dean and Terry throw an almighty strop - smashing bus shelters, grappling in the street and spray-painting the walls of his apartment block.’
      • ‘The buildings were spray-painted white.’
      • ‘Everything that wasn't spray-painted or swathed with bunting was drenched in a silica coating that resembled sugar.’
      • ‘Benson meticulously spray-painted each section of foliage with a different camouflage color: tan, brown or olive green.’
      • ‘They may know who has been spray-painting their garage, for example, but won't tell the police for fear that their car will be torched in retaliation.’
      • ‘The front of each object consists of a thin sheet of mesh, stretched approximately 2 inches in front of a sheet of colored Plexiglas that is unevenly spray-painted with an evanescent gray.’
      • ‘A couple of heavy blankets had served to shield him from the sun while he had retrieved the vehicle, spray-painting the windows once he had gotten it inside.’