Definition of spot-weld in US English:



[with object]
  • Join by welding at a number of separate points.

    ‘the wire was spot-welded in place’
    • ‘Gates should be of heavy construction, with hinge pins spot-welded to prevent easy removal.’
    • ‘Today it's cheaper to laser weld than spot weld.’
    • ‘She planted the stack on the floor, casually but deliberately forcing it six inches into the ground, then repositioned the hood, spot-welding it to its support.’
    • ‘Its chief advantage is the ability to spot weld from one side of the work.’
    • ‘Another approach is to take a thin-wall tube and just use a sleeve you slide over it and then spot-weld it in place before hydroforming.’


spot weld
  • Each of the welds so made.

    • ‘But it's not like a spot weld - it is a surface weld.’
    • ‘This system not only allows several welds to be done simultaneously, it also reduces weld time from three seconds for a conventional spot weld, to just half a second.’
    • ‘The joint between the two aluminium panels is said to be 90% stronger than a conventional spot-weld.’
    • ‘The joints proved to be equal to spot welds in bending and rolling tests on the wheels.’
    • ‘The robots undertake thousands of small spot-welds, sending sparks high into the air.’


  • spot welding

      • ‘He was last seen doing freelance spot welding in Detroit.’
      • ‘Structural adhesives and rivets are gaining respect as suitable alternatives or supplements to conventional spot welding and screw fastening.’
      • ‘The combination is very strong and durable; add to that the fact that in contrast to spot welding, it provides the structural equivalent of seam welding.’
      • ‘The welding load should be appreciably higher than for spot welding, because of the longer arc of contact between wheel and sheet.’
      • ‘These are flash welding, high-frequency resistance welding, percussion welding, projection welding, resistance seam welding, resistance spot welding, and upset welding.’