Definition of sporty in US English:


adjectivesportiest, sportier

  • 1Flashy or showy in dress or behavior.

    1. 1.1 (of clothing) casual yet attractively stylish.
      ‘a sporty outfit’
      • ‘This sporty red knit hat comes emblazoned with the Life Aquatic insignia, while the tight, skimpy blue bathing suit leaves little to the imagination.’
      • ‘The atmosphere was relaxed and deceptively informal, with low-key lighting and dancers wearing socklets and casually sporty costumes of muted blue.’
      stylish, smart, jaunty
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    2. 1.2 (of a car) compact and with fast acceleration.
      ‘a sporty red coupe’
      • ‘Daniel isn't championing a slacker ethos so much as he's narrowing his focus on the marginalized and underpaid, the people who don't wear designer suits or drive sporty new showroom cars.’
      • ‘This is a 2002 Thunderbird: sporty and powerful, so beautiful in design and execution that queuing for it seems rational.’
      • ‘He sped me out to the site in his sporty ground-hugging convertible, but, once there, we could scarcely find a familiar face.’
      fast, speedy
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    3. 1.3 Fond of or good at sports.
      • ‘Although their characters haven't been fleshed out, they deliver endearing performances as the sporty sister and her academic, brooding husband.’
      • ‘Now, I am beginning to be so again once more, although I am not very sporty!’
      • ‘And what was great was that they offered all the different sides of girls - you could be sporty or you could be black, or you could be blond and girly, or dark and dangerous like Posh.’
      • ‘She tries to be sexually aggressive, sporty (they go to a New York Knicks game together) and intellectually provocative.’
      • ‘Features such as the stopwatch, countdown timer and thermometer make it ideal for outdoor sporty types, while it's compact and light enough to slip into any pocket.’
      • ‘I think it's okay to have sporty characters in movies.’
      • ‘The Women is the story of nice girl Mary Haines (played by Norma Shearer), sporty and straightforward, who loses her husband to shop-girl vamp Crystal Allen, a red-lipped, black-eyed Joan Crawford.’
      • ‘Geeky Brett lusts after wholesome blonde Samantha, who's dating sporty jock Cody.’
      • ‘All women are affected by judgement - the ‘non conformist’, ‘the sporty chick’, ‘the brainy girl’, it's everyone.’
      • ‘As I had been competitive and sporty all my life, editing a fanzine immediately became a race to find the scuzziest, most underground bands imaginable and flaunt them in front of my fellow editors' faces.’
      • ‘Tony was the sporty one and Henry was the swotty one, but despite the differences they remained friends throughout the years.’
      athletic, fit, active, energetic, outdoor
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