Definition of sportswear in US English:



  • Clothes worn for casual outdoor use or for such sports activities as jogging, cycling, tennis, sailing, etc.

    • ‘The value for those higher-order goods is determined by the value that consumers place upon the final products, such as gasoline, heating oil, and other oil-derived goods, such as nylon sportswear.’
    • ‘She ties the laces between fashion and sportswear.’
    • ‘He long ago eschewed the standard hip-hop uniform of sportswear and designer labels in favour of a unique look he dubs the ‘gentleman rebel‘.’
    • ‘As a piece of eighties nostalgia it does the job but for what you get you'd find better value in a compilation CD and some vintage sportswear, for there's little else here.’
    • ‘Since its inception, they have expanded their family-owned store and entered into a licensing agreement, making the company's array of men's and boys' sportswear available nationwide.’
    • ‘That get up is outrageous and serves to remind us that our present day gangs are letting us down with their naff sportswear.’
    • ‘The white working class is not supposed to exist anymore, except as a social problem caused by over-exposure to tabloid newspapers, sportswear and satellite TV.’
    • ‘This new round of embellishment is not confined to evening gowns and bridal wear, but is going into all areas of apparel, including activewear and sportswear.’
    • ‘Chic jeans and related sportswear, which are primarily targeted to women, are marketed in mass merchandise stores.’
    • ‘He's lost a bit of weight and, clutching a bottle of water in his snappy designer sportswear, might almost be at the gym.’
    • ‘The popular denim retailer Diesel is also using art to sell its sportswear and is taking the convergence concept even further than its couture competitors.’
    • ‘Targeting the better market with fashion sportswear, the company initially served upscale retailers including Nordstrom and Saks.’
    • ‘Featuring approximately 400 evening dresses, business suits and sportswear, the exhibit offers a thematic look at Armani and his development over the past 25 years.’
    • ‘Three years ago, the brand was extended into dress shirts, ties and a full collection of sportswear.’
    • ‘John swaggers around on stage in loose sportswear, woolly hat down to his eyes, with his grinning DJ just off to the side.’
    • ‘With everyone decked out in capacious sportswear and complicated trainers, it's hard to tell who belongs to which group, but the cops clocking up overtime in the corner seem to have it worked out.’