Definition of sportster in English:



  • A sports car.

    • ‘Anyone used to driving old fashioned V8 powered British sportsters is in for shock.’
    • ‘The '03 debut of Mazda's RX - 8 4-seat sportster marked the rotary's return in much-improved form after an 8-year hiatus.’
    • ‘Selling premium sportsters has been difficult.’
    • ‘She and Jerry got into her sportster and sped off.’
    • ‘However, the outline of this classic 1960s roadster will look spookily familiar even to those who may have never seen one before, thanks to an inspired bit of plagiarism on the part of the designers of the best sportster of the 1990s.’
    • ‘The Jag sportster was viewed as the choice of pop entrepreneurs and the new breed of superstar footballers.’
    • ‘The car has a completely new dashboard and interior trim, with echoes of the TT sportster.’
    • ‘Though the weather was a touch on the chilly side, an open-topped sportster was the only form of transport imaginable.’
    • ‘That year also will mark the 50th anniversary of Corvette's metamorphosis from a sleek-looking sportster to a true performance car.’
    • ‘The quintessential English classic sportster is not an MG, a Lotus or even a Jag.’