Definition of sports bar in US English:

sports bar


  • A bar where televised sporting events are shown continuously.

    • ‘A gym development in Galway, which includes a sports bar and eight football pitches, is already under construction.’
    • ‘Throw in sports bars, beach clubs, and so forth, and you start to see why industry sales run in the tens of billions annually.’
    • ‘Select from Italian, French, Indian, grill, Irish pubs, champagne bars and brasseries at the Viaduct, sports bars, vodka bars and a Brazilian restaurant on Princes Wharf.’
    • ‘A 24-hour café, a sports bar, a perfume shop, a casino, and an English pub line the pedestrian level.’
    • ‘Three years ago one such production, about a fictive sports bar, enjoyed a brief run as a syndicated television program.’
    • ‘He admits his habit of randomly turning off televisions will not win him any friends at sports bars or electronics stores.’
    • ‘Meatloaf is the dish to use when judging sports bars and diners.’
    • ‘The search has taken on a more desperate flavor of late; the women now plan to haunt sports bars in their stilettos.’
    • ‘During one of his ‘homework’ assignments at a sports bar, David runs into Rod and his girlfriend Janet.’
    • ‘One is for referee shirts, which largely go to sports bars or restaurants.’
    • ‘He drops in at local sports bars to discuss his services and leave his card.’
    • ‘And the south end zone will include a new club, terrace and lounge, as well as a sports bar.’
    • ‘Just beyond them is the sports bar, a sunken two-story recreation and dining area that generates a genuinely amiable social atmosphere.’
    • ‘For example, if you're in a suburban area, it might be a sports bar.’
    • ‘Crowded sports bars have been known to fall silent when the commercial airs, and Molson credits the ad for a sales uptick.’
    • ‘These customers favor sports bars that are big, loud, filled with monitors, and promise a sighting of an NBA star in person.’
    • ‘He strolled down the airport stands slowly, passing fast-food cafes, sports bars, sunglasses bazaars, magazine huts, and finally stopped in front of a little accessory airport shop.’
    • ‘We see them in sports bars, dark lounges, or spilling from the beds of pick-up trucks.’
    • ‘What's the hottest thing in sports bars across America (apart from beer)?’


sports bar

/spɔrts bɑr/