Definition of sporophyte in US English:



  • (in the life cycle of plants with alternating generations) the asexual and usually diploid phase, producing spores from which the gametophyte arises. It is the dominant form in vascular plants, e.g. the frond of a fern.

    • ‘Placental morphology is remarkably diverse between major bryophyte groups, especially with regard to the presence and distribution of transfer cells in the sporophyte and gametophyte.’
    • ‘Collected material consisted of sporophytes with sporangia present.’
    • ‘In maize, in particular, cell death events are known to occur throughout normal development both in the sporophyte and in the gametophyte.’
    • ‘The alternate phase of the plant life cycle is the sporophyte, the diploid plant form, with each cell containing two complete sets of chromosomes.’
    • ‘Gametophytes became sexually mature in 2 weeks and the first leaves of the sporophytes became visible in about 4 weeks.’