Definition of sponsorship in English:



  • 1The position of being a sponsor.

    ‘the company's sponsorship of the tournament’
    • ‘The city has even created a new department to explore potential sponsorship deals.’
    • ‘This is the first time Pierce has become involved in sponsorship with the club and St Michael's are very appreciative of his involvement.’
    • ‘CRU (Corporate Relations Unit) is responsible for developing long-term sponsorship partnerships with business organisations.’
    • ‘It blames TV advertisers for promoting sweets and fatty foods and schools for allowing vending machines tuck shops, sponsorship by food companies and high fat and sugar meals.’
    • ‘The Committee met with the broadcaster to, again, threaten to pull its sponsorship of the network's Republican forum.’
    • ‘It hopes to raise the money through sponsorship or from the Football Foundation charity.’
    • ‘Formerly the BBC Rights Agency, the BBC Commercial Agency represents the BBC in all sponsorship, co-production and rights distribution negotiations.’
    • ‘Sponsorship was a very important and crucial vehicle in the recognition and promotion of the Pinarello name.’
    • ‘The Ottawa centre's sponsor terminated their sponsorship.’
    • ‘The firm has never asked us to endorse any of its products, and has probably received minimal publicity for its sponsorship.’
    • ‘The news comes alongside another boost for the competition as Visa announces a three-year title sponsorship for the event.’
    • ‘Talking of sponsors, full marks to the rail operator for their sponsorship of the National League Cup.’
    • ‘It is set in the fictional Zekistan, whose dictator has been accused of " ethnic cleansing and terrorist sponsorship ".’
    • ‘But reconfiguring the terrorist threat to focus mainly on state sponsorship is problematic: It treats the terrorists themselves as a subsidiary concern.’
    • ‘Blue Earth Alliance announces the sponsorship of five photographic projects.’
    • ‘The bank announced that, while sponsorship of the tournament itself is no longer suitable for the company, they do intend to maintain an interest in the game.’
    • ‘What happens when sponsorship goes wrong in the UK?’
    • ‘The airline announced plans to end its three-year sponsorship of the World Series, citing concerns over the uncertainties in world affairs.’
    • ‘Sportscotland's sponsorship specialist Aileen Simpson says that the kind of company interested in sports sponsorship is beginning to change.’
    • ‘Local companies have been generous with their sponsorship of the team, the match ball, the man of the match and individual players.’
    backing, support, patronage, funding, financing, promotion
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    1. 1.1 Financial support received from a sponsor.
      ‘he has attracted more than $50,000 in sponsorship’
      • ‘Channel 4 is a not-for-profit public service broadcaster, which is funded by advertising and sponsorship.’
      • ‘I have been trying to gain enough sponsorship to graduate to Formula Renault UK but unfortunately we haven't been successful enough yet.’
      • ‘Horses can be bought from any member of the committee and sponsorship will also be welcome.’
      • ‘We also ask you to raise a minimum of £ 2500 in sponsorship.’
      • ‘With the season over, and no sponsorship, I have been borrowing cars and asking people for a lift so that I can go and practise.’
      • ‘It is thought the 30 year old has brought with him £ 2m of sponsorship to secure the drive.’
      • ‘The committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all who took part or gave sponsorship or helped in any way.’
      • ‘We are supposed to increase their allowances, but due to lack of enough sponsorship this hasn't happened, " he said.’
      • ‘They must go beyond merely seeking sponsorship from major technology corporations to implementing hands-on demonstrations and workshops for member business.’
      • ‘Because costs have already been met, all sponsorship money raised will go directly to Cancer Research UK.’
      • ‘"Playing in America is a wonderful opportunity for the team but we need to raise sponsorship."’
      • ‘Over the years, they've struggled for funding and sponsorship.’
      • ‘Each walker must raise 4,500 euros in sponsorship.’
      • ‘For this event she will be seeking sponsorship from friends, family and others in favour of the British Heart Foundation.’
      • ‘Organiser Michael Braund stresses it is not a race, but a leisurely walk, with the trophy going to the team that has raised the highest amount of sponsorship.’
      • ‘Dab your tears of sorrow away with your sponsorship checks.’
      • ‘His sponsorship is already up to £ 300 but he would like to raise at least £ 500, enough to fund one rescue flight.’
      • ‘"It can be difficult for schools to find funding for these projects so we would be very grateful for any sponsorship."’
      • ‘But they are bracing themselves for a hard weekend next month so they can secure £ 3,000 in sponsorship for Guide Dogs For The Blind.’
      • ‘The main sources of income were sponsorship, the lotto draw and player registration.’
      • ‘He was recruited by the Games organisation when it was struggling to raise sponsorship to help fund the huge cost of the event and the rest is history.’