Definition of sponge cake in US English:

sponge cake


  • A soft, light cake, especially one made from a batter containing eggs which have been beaten into a foamy consistency.

    • ‘The problem is that when I first put the sponge cakes together to look like a train, it worked really well.’
    • ‘I don't like the sponge cake, either.’
    • ‘It's not a muffin, it's a sponge cake with confectioner's soft sugary icing on top.’
    • ‘It's a weekday morning and the elderly patrons are hard at work on dim sum and sponge cake.’
    • ‘This was like a thick sponge cake.’
    • ‘I sit on my grandmother's knee eating sponge cake warm from the oven.’
    • ‘Pressing on the brake pedal was like treading on a very big sponge cake.’
    • ‘We tried all the local bakeries, plus half a dozen supermarkets, and none of them carry sponge cake.’
    • ‘For desert, paw paw balls, tamarind balls, sugar cake, sponge cake and fruit cake were available.’
    • ‘You could, of course make your own sponge cake for this simple ice cream dessert.’
    • ‘The boys will not countenance the Victoria sponge cake.’
    • ‘Given the paucity of sponge cakes in the shops, I decided to bake one for myself.’
    • ‘I used to make a rather nice Victoria sponge cake.’
    • ‘We don't know how to make a sponge cake.’
    • ‘They also have four pages of Xmas cakes: all sponge cakes covered in cream.’
    • ‘Cut the sponge cake into small pieces of equal size.’
    • ‘Who would have thought that I would lose weight on sponge cake.’
    • ‘An enormous sponge cake almost three foot long, was a feature of the party.’
    • ‘Try buying just a plain sponge cake these days.’
    • ‘"Baking is a passion of mine so I bake all sorts of sponge cakes and Christmas cakes for my friends."’


sponge cake

/ˈspənj ˌkāk/