Definition of sponge bath in US English:

sponge bath


North American
  • An all-over washing, as given to a person confined to bed, done with a wet sponge or washcloth rather than in a bathtub or shower.

    • ‘The next thing I remember, I was lying naked on my back as my nurse silently gave me a sponge bath, my regular blueish tint restored.’
    • ‘I was getting annoyed with sponge baths, to be honest.’
    • ‘She decided to change her dress and cool off with a sponge bath.’
    • ‘If bathing every day is traumatic, switch to every other day, with sponge baths on alternate days.’
    • ‘Give him or her sponge baths using lukewarm water to lower the temperature.’
    • ‘Bolting the door, she delighted in the opportunity of washing and bathing, even if it was only a sponge bath.’
    • ‘‘Oh, you know,’ Jesse said, ‘cleaning bedpans, giving patients sponge baths.’’
    • ‘She'd need plenty of hot water because the first item on today's agenda was the best sponge bath she could manage.’
    • ‘They took off her wrinkled clothes, and gave her a sponge bath.’
    • ‘She took all his clothes off and began to give him a sponge bath.’
    • ‘A bathroom break, sponge bath, and meal later I was back in my room attempting to work out my new situation.’
    • ‘Until that time it will be necessary for you to take sponge baths.’
    • ‘Healthy newborns are traditionally given sponge baths in many parts of the world.’
    • ‘The water was tepid and already dirty from another sponge bath earlier in the day.’
    • ‘Anyway, I just couldn't leave you all dirty like that so I took the liberty of giving you a sponge bath.’
    • ‘If sufficient water is not on hand for bathing, airmen should clean themselves by means of a sponge bath using solution-impregnated pads, a damp rag, or a dry, clean cloth.’
    • ‘They kept clean by taking sponge baths for two years in the mall's restrooms.’
    • ‘Your child must take one shower or tub bath and the other two may be sponge baths.’
    • ‘I went over to the mirror and basin where there was fresh water and gave myself a quick sponge bath.’
    • ‘At best, she got a cold-water sponge bath once a month.’


sponge bath

/ˈspənj ˌbaTH//ˈspəndʒ ˌbæθ/