Definition of spoken in English:



  • in combination Speaking in a specified way.

    ‘a blunt-spoken man’
    • ‘When we met, he was very quiet-spoken and gave me no reason to be suspicious, " the milkman said.’
    • ‘Trained in Hindustani classical music, the soft-spoken ' tabla ' artiste is quite a contrast to the musical instrument he plays!’
    • ‘The late Marie was a quiet-spoken well respected member of the local community.’


  • be spoken for

    • 1Be already claimed, owned, or reserved.

      • ‘All but five of the 30 tables have already been spoken for.’
      • ‘But this year is spoken for, and next year is already full.’
      • ‘I'm working on another one right now, a little over half done, which has already been spoken for and will be picked up tomorrow.’
      • ‘‘Every bike we build is spoken for,’ says Chambers.’
      • ‘In our house, the four dining chairs were spoken for before any of the visiting hordes arrived.’
      • ‘While it is confusing, it is critical to appreciate that the ‘old’ deposits have already been spoken for, with buying power previously exhausted in the purchase of financial sector IOUs and other liabilities.’
      • ‘Truly, every seat in the house was spoken for (shouted for, is more like it), and throngs waited by the door for their chance to join the boisterous, gesticulating masses.’
      • ‘We came here for the cakes from the prize-winning Village Store, but they were spoken for and the bow-tied shopkeeper wouldn't take a bribe.’
      • ‘The limited edition issue will have a run of only 1500 issues, most of which have already been spoken for.’
      • ‘I've been busy trying to decide what to do with my $1500.00 cheque - or more realistically - when to spend the amount that has already been spoken for.’
      reserved, booked, set aside
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      1. 1.1(of a person) already have a romantic commitment.
        ‘he knows Claudine is spoken for’
        • ‘He all but shouted out loud that he was spoken for and very happy to be.’
        • ‘Only the hot guy on his feet was spoken for, and the dopey guy who had a hobby of tripping over invisible objects was a mild stalker-like fixture in my life these days.’
        • ‘When placed behind the left ear, the wearer is spoken for.’
        • ‘The two girls were spoken for, but they were really trying to get a woman for me.’
        • ‘Baptista, Gremio, and Tranio remain to discuss Bianca's hand in marriage, now that her sister is spoken for.’
        • ‘He mother comes out and shoes him away, saying that the girl is spoken for by another man.’
        • ‘A female fell for a handsome rake who had already been spoken for; both the girls cuddled up to him, one on either side, hurling accusations over his head.’
        • ‘There was one woman who was absolutely gorgeous, but she was spoken for - so she was out of bounds, that's one of my rules.’
        • ‘At the time, she wasn't completely positive he was spoken for.’
        attached, going out with someone
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