Definition of spodosol in US English:



Soil Science
  • A soil of an order rich in aluminum oxide and organic matter, typically characterized by low fertility, and including most podzols.

    • ‘The soil is a spodosol formed on fine sand.’
    • ‘The main weathering product in the spodosols of the study area is a mixed-layer dioctahedral mica/smectite.’
    • ‘The Eastern Gulf Coast Flatwoods land-resource area, which composes much of the Apalachicola River basin, is dominated by spodosols.’
    • ‘Alfisols are intermediate in maturity between mollisols or spodosols and ultisols.’
    • ‘As usual, I learned some new concepts with regard spodosols.’


1960s: from Greek spodos ‘ashes’ + -sol + Latin solum ‘soil’.