Definition of splodge in English:


noun & verb

  • another term for splotch
    • ‘It was hard to tell the difference between the specks of mud and splodges of coffee cake on my map.’
    • ‘Coming down from the moors at Cropton you used to be able to pick out Norton high street, now all you can see is great big splodges of light.’
    • ‘When I showered tonight I blew my nose and tiny splodges of green splattered everywhere.’
    • ‘Both are exuberant riots of colour, from the palest avocado to looming midnight blues, with great carefree splodges of paint and taught, pacy lines that spiral into little whirlwinds of detail.’
    • ‘But would anyone turn up their nose at a wedge of fresh home-baked Victoria sponge, sandwiched with a generous splodge of farmhouse strawberry jam and dairy cream?’
    • ‘But the red splodges of painted waymarks led unerringly down the rock slides by slip and scramble, by iron ladders and - at one point - a knotted rope.’
    • ‘Now 85, withered through a strict diabetic diet, troubled by intermittent back spasms, Caddy is a frail figure, her eyes splodged with bright blue eye-shadow, ‘an old one’ in her own words.’
    • ‘It gave no indication that an interview would be carried out, not by a by a smart-suited boss, but a huge-headed yellow Dreamie character with blue splodges.’
    • ‘I'm not a big fan of abstract art myself - it's generally paint splodges on canvas masquerading as masterpieces - I find it phoney and lazy.’
    • ‘The paint danger has finally passed, and other than the floor of Kev's dads garage having a random assortment of white splodges, all the paint went where it was meant to.’
    • ‘‘Really strong ham sandwiches,’ says Georgia, picking at a paint splodge on her jeans.’
    • ‘Closer inspection suggests it's new, so presumably the very realistic paint splodges (you get what you pay for) are not really paint at all.’
    • ‘He is sitting on a homemade island constructed from chicken wire and papier-mâché, painted in crude splodges of brown and green.’
    • ‘Willow, who is white with two distinctive grey splodges, was suffering from fly strike, an ailment more commonly associated with rabbits.’
    • ‘I was covering the black woodwork with splodges of white paint.’
    • ‘As I sit typing in my Inner Coven, my window is like a reverse Dalmation, white splodges on black.’
    • ‘However, it looks more like a splodge than a fingerprint and you can't make out any of the traditional markings that show it's actually a finger.’
    • ‘If your family enthusiastically throws splodges of oatmeal across the breakfast table and then lolls about all day with their hair uncombed and their boots on the sofa, you can stop reading right here.’
    • ‘When I started to read the paper the pictures were difficult to discern, most of them being black splodges in the middle of articles.’
    • ‘Walking down what used to be bustling Ivegate, I saw all the white splodges on the flags and in my naivety thought they were the results of the flocks of starlings that used to roost in Bradford.’