Definition of splitter in US English:



  • 1A person or thing occupied in or designed for splitting something.

    ‘a log splitter’
    • ‘There remains no better iron player in the business and once again he produced a succession of pin splitters yesterday.’
    • ‘The family now had three wood stoves, which they fed with logs split with their gas-powered wood splitter, an electric generator, a hot tub, and a deck with a view of the mountains.’
    • ‘When it came time to test its first mango splitter, OXO identified the most common varieties of mango sold in the United States and designed the splitter accordingly.’
    • ‘The biggest tillers can power log splitters, pull a wagonload of rocks or clear snow from a driveway.’
    • ‘It could be a problem with the splitter at the wall jack.’
    • ‘You also need a set of speakers, a Firewire cable, an FM doohickey for playing the iPod on your car stereo, and a splitter so your wife can also listen.’
    • ‘He talks continuously even as he keeps working with concave cutters, trunk splitters, shears and tweezers.’
    • ‘And when we got cable Internet, I started ‘borrowing’ basic cable with a splitter, but only to the teevee in the computer room.’
    • ‘From backyard log splitters to the huge machines you see on construction sites, hydraulic equipment is amazing in its strength and agility!’
    • ‘While he lay on the ground and workers tried to find help, the chain kept going as two other splitters picked up the slack.’
    • ‘All three channels can be imaged simultaneously with an appropriately designed image splitter.’
    • ‘He had two or three chain saws and even a log splitter hooked up to the back of his tractor.’
    • ‘To avail of this facility, a cable customer must buy a cable modem and a channel splitter.’
    • ‘This morning the District Court heard how a wood splitter and gloves were found in a rubbish skip in a street near the murder scene.’
    • ‘He regrets the demise of many old crafts, including the skill of the hoop splitter, who split hazel and sally rods to make hoops for barrels.’
    • ‘You know, they crawl into their little cubbies in the tree, and sit at their little squirrel computers (they use a splitter to intercept my cable connection), and blog.’
    • ‘Malone Engineering currently produces post drivers, toppers, log splitters, power-type transport boxes in a range of sizes.’
    • ‘ATVs make towing a wood splitter to the pile of logs you skidded up to the woodshed easy.’
    • ‘No, no, Abe, you were a rail splitter, then an attorney.’
    • ‘We used to have Washington's birthday, cherry pies and all that, and at least in the north, Lincoln's birthday, rail splitters and so on.’
    1. 1.1 A person, especially a taxonomist, who attaches more importance to differences than to similarities in classification.
      Contrasted with lumper
      • ‘What looks like one phenomenon to a lumper may look like three to a splitter.’
      • ‘And sometimes both versions co-exist (as with the splitters and the lumpers) and are found in different text books.’
      • ‘He said that he tended to be a lumper and felt that the splitters had often created many more species than the evidence justified, which he said is a ‘huge problem’ in paleoanthropology.’
      • ‘One sometimes sees the difference between splitters and lumpers presented as one of taste and personality.’
      • ‘Charles Darwin divided taxonomists into lumpers and splitters.’