Definition of splitsville in US English:



  • The termination of a relationship, especially a romantic or sexual one.

    ‘it's splitsville for Steve and Nikki’
    • ‘Could this mean that Ben and Matt are splitsville?’
    • ‘Before memories of the honeymoon in Switzerland, captured on the digicam, could fade away, it was splitsville.’
    • ‘‘Say a little prayer ‘cause I got a feeling splitsville is just around the corner and it ain't a happy place.’
    • ‘The birthday wasn't until tomorrow, and Sam was the one who always pushed celebrating it, and since he and Tina were splitsville, he figured nobody around here would remember it.’
    • ‘So that's why they go splitsville, and there are so many other people out there waiting for them.’
    • ‘And yes, you guessed it, couple splitsville was only a few episodes away.’
    • ‘It's been 6 years since one of Ontario's best bands vanished into the oblivion we call splitsville.’
    • ‘It must suck being heralded as one of the dopest MCs in hip hop, then having nobody buy your records, endless record label hassles and your group going splitsville.’
    • ‘For a while, George moves in with Erin, but later on it's splitsville.’
    • ‘When Fred & Ginger went splitsville after Shall We Dance, Astaire decided that he didn't really need a dame, an idea that tends to work better in theory than practice.’


1980s: from split + -s- + -ville.