Definition of splitboard in US English:



  • A snowboard that can be divided into two parts to be used like skis for climbing with skins.

    ‘splitboards are clever, but they're usually heavy’
    • ‘Watch out for that guy with the splitboard coming up behind you, he might just have less "ski" weight than you do.’
    • ‘The board clips alone have made my board perform much better, and much less like a splitboard.’
    • ‘Snowshoes will hold their market share as a conveyance due the proliferation of hardened skin tracks, but the splitboard will continue to be the desired mode for any serious backcountry snowboarder.’
    • ‘By boot and by splitboard, Jones and de Le Rue traveled the glaciers and peaks along Antarctica's coast.’
    • ‘Via snowmobile, snowshoes, skis, or splitboard, thousands of people show up on weekends to gain sustenance.’
    • ‘At least one splitboard manufacturer is making their splits with a very short inner edge in order to save weight.’
    • ‘If you're serious about winter backcountry snowboarding in Colorado, get a splitboard rather than using snowshoes.’
    • ‘Lightweight gear is the name of the game for backcountry travel, and as someone choosing to ride a splitboard every ounce counts.’