Definition of split shot in US English:

split shot


  • 1Small pellets used to weight a fishing line.

    • ‘The angling community got its act together on lead shot and weights over 20 years ago, in light of real evidence that certain sizes of split shot and leger weights were linked to swan moralities.’
    • ‘You will probably notice the lack of stick floats and split shot that can take an age to set up and this is for the very reason that speed is often vital.’
    • ‘The olivette is more dense and streamlined than split shot.’
    • ‘You will need to fish light for them with no more than three pound line and 14 or less sized hook on a 2BB float with a couple of bits of split shot down the line.’
    • ‘I rigged my line with a few pieces of lead split shot, tied two feet of tippet to the leader, and tied to that a small white fly made from the fur on a snowshoe hare's rear foot.’
  • 2Croquet
    A stroke driving two touching balls in different directions.

    • ‘The player can see the limitations of the Take Off as a hoop approach, except when the ball roqueted is already behind the hoop, and appreciates the need for the split stroke approach.’
    • ‘Either of the split strokes along the rush line means the striker ball will have to travel further.’