Definition of split screen in US English:

split screen


  • A movie, television, or computer screen on which two or more separate images are displayed.

    ‘the game has a neat split-screen two-player mode’
    • ‘The two-player mode is your obligatory split-screen racing; chose your bike and course that you wanna race on and you're ready to go.’
    • ‘It would have been cool to have a racing mode or a split-screen cops and robbers mode, where one player is the bad guy - either would have added significantly to the game's replay value.’
    • ‘Rounding everything out on the gameplay side is a fun, well-designed two-player split-screen mode.’
    • ‘So, using a split-screen display capability on the TV, it is possible for each warring faction to have not only the image they want but the soundtrack too, in full surround sound.’
    • ‘Miller recently used the split-screen technique on television to compare Woods's swing in 2000 with his present one.’
    • ‘There's also a split-screen mode for two player races as well as a LAN mode for up to six players.’
    • ‘Using its own split-screen software, you can see the results of your search in the left pane, with a preview of the selected item in the right.’
    • ‘Here are split-screen storyboard/finished footage comparisons for two of the film's big action set-pieces: the avalanche sequence and the assault on the Columbian drug farm.’
    • ‘The ‘duel’ comes from the newer game's addition of a split-screen fishing mode.’
    • ‘Some of this super-soldiering can be mitigated by the fact you can go through the single-player game in a split-screen co-op mode.’
    • ‘There really is no newfound enjoyment in the split-screen mode and more often than not, you'll be bored after playing for five minutes.’
    • ‘Sure, it had a decent selection of songs and a four-player split-screen mode, but that's about it.’
    • ‘Note the split-screen function which displays the normal view and the zoom area at the same time.’
    • ‘The screen tests give you split-screen looks at test footage shot of the makeup and costumes in action.’
    • ‘Finally, Activision has shipped THPS3 with a two-player split-screen mode with various styles of play from Graffiti to point competitions.’
    • ‘Superbike 2001 does support multiplayer via LAN, Internet and of course a split-screen two player mode.’
    • ‘In addition, they've added a split-screen replay that shows what two players are doing simultaneously on a play.’
    • ‘Multiplayer options persist to be numerous including the unique split-screen mode where you can pair up to eight people using only two PCs.’
    • ‘Either game mode can be enjoyed with two players using a vertical split-screen format, and that's when the fun really begins.’
    • ‘The Main screen is a split-screen overview showing all input, track, bus, send and FX levels on the top with a tiny 24-track display beneath.’


split screen

/ˌsplit ˈskrēn//ˌsplɪt ˈskrin/