Definition of spliff in US English:



  • A marijuana cigarette.

    • ‘Funnily enough, it does not strike me that the comparison between soft drugs and alcohol and tobacco will lead to the sale of dope over the counter, or the ability to smoke spliffs openly in pubs.’
    • ‘When liberal middle class voices shout for legalization they are talking about sly spliffs under the kitchen table rather than the collapse of underclass Britain in to a drug induced haze.’
    • ‘The worst thing that can probably happen is that most spliffs are unfiltered so excess using will result in respiratory diseases.’
    • ‘Being a retired Inspector from the Met, you would think my Stepfather could differentiate between sucking on a few bummed low-grade resin spliffs in my back garden, and developing a crack/heroin habit.’
    • ‘I think so, a lot of people would be smoking spliffs instead of having cigarettes.’
    • ‘So I started hanging round people who I used to see smoking spliffs and stuff.’
    • ‘However all we ever ended up doing was smoking super strength spliffs (of which, despite their apparent poverty, Chris and Jimmy seemed to have an infinite supply).’
    • ‘When my mother found out I smoked spliffs she went ballistic.’
    • ‘I'd had three spliffs, five pints and I needed someone.’
    • ‘Possibly due to spliffs being the preferred recreational substance instead of lager, the crowd was one of the mellowest I'd seen in some time - quite something given the size of the venue.’
    cannabis cigarette, marijuana cigarette
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1930s (originally West Indian): of unknown origin.