Definition of splenic in US English:



  • Relating to the spleen.

    ‘the splenic artery’
    • ‘A 41-year-old white man was referred for evaluation of a splenic artery aneurysm and an acquired splenorenal venous shunt.’
    • ‘Ruth was referred to a vascular surgeon to assess her splenic artery aneurysm.’
    • ‘The radiologic impression was that the lesions represented splenic abscesses, and the patient subsequently underwent a splenectomy.’
    • ‘In the cases described in this article, the patients sought medical attention owing to symptoms caused by atraumatic splenic rupture.’
    • ‘Many mechanisms of atraumatic splenic rupture have been postulated.’
    • ‘The mass appeared to be well circumscribed with no invasion of the splenic vessels or the spleen.’
    • ‘Abdominal CT showed a subcapsular splenic hematoma and a large, irregular, cystic lesion at the splenic hilum.’
    • ‘Less common but serious complications of colonoscopy include splenic trauma, vasovagal reactions and endocarditis.’
    • ‘The splenic artery was encased by tumor, although there was no intraluminal invasion, and the artery showed severe calcific atherosclerosis.’
    • ‘Pathologic evaluation of the spleen was positive for splenic marginal zone B-cell lymphoma.’
    • ‘It can arise from the gastroepiploic artery, the splenic artery proper, the splenic branches of the splenic artery, or any combination thereof.’
    • ‘Larger splenic metastatic lesions were more often symptomatic.’
    • ‘The hilum of the spleen contains the splenic vein, but the artery is out of the plane of section.’
    • ‘Flow cytometric analysis was performed on both splenic tissue and splenic hilar lymph nodes.’
    • ‘The surgeon examines the splenic bed for accessory spleens with the laparoscope.’
    • ‘The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends meningococcal vaccine for children with splenic dysfunction.’
    • ‘The ligatures on his splenic artery and vein had slipped.’
    • ‘When the spleen is absent, the splenic artery terminates in the pancreas.’
    • ‘The sound sometimes occurs in splenic infarction, in neoplastic disease that involves the surface of the liver, and in abscess formation in either organ.’
    • ‘The symptomatic splenic lesions, as compared with asymptomatic lesions, were bigger and were found more often in women and younger patients.’


Early 17th century: from French splénique, or via Latin from Greek splēnikos, from splēn (see spleen).