Definition of splendiferously in US English:



humorous, informal
  • See splendiferous

    • ‘I just deleted them, and now FF is working splendiferously.’
    • ‘I read a report at The Sun's website that said there is a pre-pre-production in the works for a new He-Man movie (most splendiferously played by Dolph Lundgren) and it will either star Brad Pitt or Gerard Butler.’
    • ‘Here are just a few of many wonderful, splendiferously loving things you can do to make all aspects of your tiny tiger's life - and yours, too!’
    • ‘Barely had they settled in their seats when on stage sprung Christy Bannon splendiferously decked out as Joe Dolan.’
    • ‘‘Darling,’ says the splendiferously proportioned woman listening quietly at her side, ‘You tell these people that if they so much as touch you, they will have Camila to deal with.’’