Definition of Splenda in US English:



  • An artificial sweetener used as a calorie-free sugar substitute.

    • ‘The beverage is 2 shots of espresso, the rest skim milk, and as many Splendas as you like.’
    • ‘When my turn in line came, I bellowed: ‘One tall breve latté with four Splendas and extra foam,’ feeling like I'd mastered a new language.’
    • ‘The sugar industry, which insists that sugar doesn't cause diabetes, or weight gain, or behavioral disorders, is calling the Splenda promoters liars.’
    • ‘I don't know, but it tastes like sugar enough to me that Splenda is what I use exclusively.’
    • ‘The following interview was conducted with Janet Starr Hull on the safety of sucralose found in Splenda.’
    • ‘When turned into Splenda it becomes a chlorocarbon, in the family of Chlorodane, Lindane and DDT.’
    • ‘Lately, it seems like Splenda is gaining popularity in the crowded sugar-substitute category.’
    • ‘He knows she takes her coffee black with two Splendas, and she finishes his sentences.’
    • ‘On their websites and in various literature, the marketers of Splenda often refer to sucralose…’
    • ‘But the chlorine in Splenda and DDT are similar because it is [covalently] bonded to a carbon atom.’