Definition of splatter in English:



  • 1Splash with a sticky or viscous liquid.

    ‘a passing cart rolled by, splattering him with mud’
    • ‘The liquid splattered Cynthia's expensive sandals and she shrieked.’
    • ‘Cora determinedly dismounted from Nivo and approached the cursing middle-aged man, who was splattered with mud.’
    • ‘The inner wall was splattered with mud caused by a storm.’
    • ‘Some of the less viscous sludge material was airborne, spinning and splattering the weeds and me.’
    • ‘It was still going quite fast at the time, and the lemonade, caught in the wind, was carried along the length of the carriage, splattering passengers in every compartment as it was blown through the windows.’
    • ‘Just as I helped R. into the stylist's chair the heavens opened up and sheets of rain descended with liquid force, splattering the windows and instantly flooding the parking lot.’
    • ‘This follows reports in Durban's Daily News this month that motorists were deliberately taking their number plates off or splattering them with mud, cooking spray or clear polish to avoid being caught.’
    • ‘Two more shots hit the log, and splattered my back with splotches of red, but none hit me.’
    • ‘Now a light rain began to fall, and the three queens began kicking up mud in their wake, splattering themselves and everyone as they sped for the finish.’
    • ‘Her face was splattered with specks of mud and dirt, and beads of sweat were forming on her hairline.’
    • ‘Buck has no recollection of allegedly attacking cabin staff, splattering them with yoghurt or trying to leave the plane at 35,000 ft, saying he wanted ‘to go home’.’
    • ‘‘Hey’, she said as she slapped his hand that was holding the straw, making it come out and splatter her with Caramel thick shake.’
    • ‘Fringe photographer and subculture chronicler Charles Gatewood quickly added mess to his extreme repertoire, and New York nightclubs began splattering their go-go dancers with liquid latex.’
    splash, bespatter, spray, sprinkle, spritz, shower, speck, speckle, fleck, mottle, blotch, smear, stain, mark, dirty, soil, daub, cover
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    1. 1.1 Splash (a liquid) over a surface or object.
      • ‘It splashed down into the shopping cart, splattering mucus in every direction.’
      • ‘I reached my hand in the pool and splattered some water in his face.’
      • ‘Dozens were injured in the attack, and blood was splattered on the ground in the temple with the injured wandering around in shock and pain in the aftermath.’
      • ‘Fuel oil was splattered all over a public square, coating pavements, benches, flowerbeds.’
      • ‘A slow motion sequence is accompanied by screams and splattered blood.’
      • ‘He had head injuries and blood was splattered on the road.’
      • ‘Taking advantage of her distraction, the swordsman-in-training managed to splatter a handful of mud across her face, grinning when she glared at him.’
      • ‘The carriage wheel hit a mud puddle and splattered mud all over Michael, but he didn't care.’
      • ‘Wherever the thirsty birds drank, they also splattered the sugar water causing Mother to do battle with the resulting ants.’
      • ‘The attack, inside a government-run religious school, shattered windows and pockmarked the walls with shrapnel and splattered blood.’
      • ‘He had barely shut his door when she rumbled down the tote road, splattering mud every which way.’
      • ‘In no time, his last ounce of resolve left him and he fell face first into the bowl, splattering droplets of broth everywhere.’
      • ‘McCann said the man threw a folded paper ‘full of feces’ across a counter, hitting the woman in the stomach and splattering feces on her, the counter and the floor.’
      • ‘The swamp's stench filled his nostrils as he rushed through the mud, splattering the grime and getting ever closer to the adversary.’
      • ‘The bird clawed weakly at the arrow's shaft and its body gave small flutters, splattering blood.’
      • ‘Blood was splattered on the walls of the mangled buses.’
      • ‘What appears to be blood was splattered on the ivy which surrounds the front door of the Royds Avenue home.’
      • ‘This is a great ritual to do with friends, as you'll likely end up giggling and dancing in the mud, splattering it around and twirling.’
      • ‘She hit the surface and splattered the red fluid everywhere.’
      • ‘When it was over, blood splattered the walls and the deer lay on the bedroom floor, its neck broken.’
      overflow, flow, pour, run, slop, slosh, splash
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    2. 1.2no object (of such a liquid) splash.
      ‘heavy droplets of rain splatter onto the windshield’
      • ‘Just then a great flash of lightning split the sky in two and the first heavy drops of rain splattered onto the ground and into the pond.’
      • ‘Droplets splattered onto my sweatshirt, seeping through the thin fabric and chilling my skin.’
      • ‘Vykal suddenly found himself covered with a crimson liquid that had splattered onto his clothes when it was released from the gem.’
      • ‘Tiny water droplets splattered across his reflection in the mirror at which he stared at ominously.’
      • ‘Droplets splattered relentlessly against my face.’
      • ‘She sighed and continued to watch the grass slightly shake as the water splattered onto them.’
      • ‘She flew back, screaming in pain as blue liquid splattered all over the walls.’
      • ‘A droplet of water splattered on an extension in the wall to his left, the drop splattering on his cheek.’
      • ‘Sure enough, a half-dozen tiny streams of green liquid were splattering on the floor of the vent.’
      • ‘A drop of hot oil splattered up on the cook's hand and he dropped the bird the rest of the way into the pot and took three quick steps backward.’
      • ‘A warm drop of rain splattered onto the side of my face.’
      • ‘The blade pierced his shoulder and droplets of blood splattered onto the wall.’
      • ‘When searing the meat, if oil is splattering out of the pan, you have the heat too high.’
      • ‘She agreed cheerfully, turning her face up towards the rain, letting the heavy droplets splatter against her drenched face and hair.’
      • ‘Rain splattered down onto her lifeless form, drenching her jet black hair.’
      • ‘I whipped my head over, water splattering down the wall in front of me.’
      • ‘I stared down at the ground as my tear droplets splattered on the ground.’
      • ‘Now of course you see that the water starts splattering.’
      • ‘Water droplets splattered across my entire body as I walked down several streets and through various water-filled gutters.’
      • ‘Jason shook his head, water splattering down his tanned chest, and dripping off his bare shoulders.’
    3. 1.3informal Prominently or sensationally publish (a story) in a newspaper.
      ‘the story is splattered over pages two and three’
      • ‘The Wall Street Journal splatters pictures of your stars down page one.’
      • ‘Aviation safety concerns used to splatter across the front pages of our newspaper regularly.’
      • ‘The action film Spider-Man, already splattered over billboards across America's big cities, will be released on May 3 in the US.’
      • ‘However, what was even more sad was to see the pictures of Foe splattered across every national newspaper the next morning.’
      • ‘Even when our yearbook pictures were splattered around national headlines, I've stayed pretty cagey.’
      • ‘If you become famous enough to be mentioned in the local or even regional news then your face will be splattered over all the news screens.’
      • ‘Front pages splattered with images are testimony to a media that has stopped trying to explain or report objectively.’
      • ‘I know I wouldn't - there's nothing very shameful in my past or present, but any number of things I don't want splattered across page nineteen of a tabloid.’
      • ‘Charlie Sheen was mocked for years for being an alcoholic, Christian Slater had his heroin addiction splattered all over the front pages.’
      publicize, make known, make public, bring to public attention, bring to public notice, announce, report, communicate, impart, disclose, reveal, divulge, leak, publish, broadcast, transmit, issue, post, put out, distribute, spread, unfold, disseminate, circulate, air, herald, trumpet, advertise, proclaim, promulgate
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  • 1A spot or trail of a sticky or viscous liquid splashed over a surface or object.

    ‘each puddle we crossed threw a splatter of mud on the windshield’
    • ‘He has entered the realm of one-off shows after a period of gradually whittling down the length of his runs to a splatter of nights here and there.’
    • ‘Cathal just grinned and flopped his head back down to the floor with a splatter of drool.’
    • ‘He had a cute pug-nose with a splatter of freckles across his tanned cheeks.’
    • ‘The drama unfolds through energetic play between the demons and the invading swords: black blood, a splatter of entrails, a missing leg.’
    • ‘A splatter of the eerie, black blood spilled out of his body in a sickening gurgle as he expired.’
    • ‘Her nails pulled across them and they popped with a splatter of liquid and she smiled a little.’
    • ‘This is certainly exciting, and I am almost sorry when we skid to a halt in a splatter of mud.’
    • ‘He pointed to the bottom where there was a splatter of yellow.’
    • ‘The post ripped out of the thick mud with a sharp sucking sound and a splatter of wet dirt, and the ropes slipped from Talon's wrist.’
    • ‘Jake was laughing and I threw a piece of General Tso's Chicken at him, which hit him right below his left eye, leaving a splatter of sauce on his cheek.’
    • ‘With his ebony talons came a splatter of that liquid heat and a chunk of flesh.’
    • ‘There was a splatter of blood as the dagger was drawn back.’
    • ‘Gun shots split ghouls' heads completely in half in a splatter of black gore and ichor.’
    • ‘A splatter of blood streaked itself across several of the tomes and was only interrupted once where one book did not have any on it.’
    • ‘His pale skin showed a splatter of freckles spread across the bridge of his nose.’
    • ‘There were small stain glass windows lining the walls with lots of red, green and a splatter of blue.’
    • ‘Each blow with the mace caused a splatter of Orc, and the spears were used either to skewer or simply as clubs.’
    • ‘Mariposa dodged a splatter of blood and buzzed off into the night.’
    • ‘He remembered how she would squeal when a splatter of hot grease would burn her, and she wouldn't cry a single tear despite her pain.’
    • ‘A splatter of blood and a falling body came from the noise.’
    mark, spot, spatter, splatter, blotch, blemish, smudge, smear
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  • 2informal as modifier Denoting or referring to films featuring many violent and gruesome deaths.

    ‘a splatter movie’
    • ‘Juan Cole covers a lot of ground in a many-sided examination of issues raised by Mel Gibson's splatter movie.’
    • ‘By the late 1980s, Wes Craven had carved out a niche for himself as guru favorite in the horror and splatter genre.’
    • ‘But what this film is, above all else, is relentlessly brutal and gory beyond what was available in many vintage splatter movies from the 1970s.’
    • ‘A splatter film's charge is to keep upping the atrocity ante as it zooms into the murderer's soul.’
    • ‘The film revels in blood and gore, but this is not just a run-of-the-mill splatter film.’
    • ‘That said I was left smiling by this outrageously dumb splatter thriller.’
    • ‘The other thing is that Jackson appears to want to make another one of his good old splatter movies on the weekends.’
    • ‘He started out making no-budget splatter films, only to go on to helm one of the most successful cinematic trilogies of all time.’
    • ‘The walls were wrapped in posters of men holding guitars and classic splatter movie posters.’
    • ‘But where the play differs from splatter movies is that McDonagh has a clear moral viewpoint.’


Late 18th century: imitative.