Definition of splashboard in US English:



  • A screen designed to protect the passengers of a vehicle or boat from splashes.

    • ‘They have the option of installing splashboards on the boats to divert the water and pumps inside them to reduce it should the need arise, while some boats have been built with higher sides.’
    • ‘They had sunk in training a week previously and as a result had put splashboards on.’
    • ‘A covering over the top of the splashboard will keep the graph paper from being hit directly by rain drops.’
    • ‘The canoe received new iakos, new splashboards, and new manus fore and aft.’
    • ‘Data on rainfall, rainsplash, overland flow and soil creep were collected with the help of splashboards, erosion pins, erosion plots, raingauges and channel cross-sections on slopes of 0 to 38.’
    • ‘If you're adding rope clutches and a winch behind a dodger or splashboard, be sure to position them carefully.’
    • ‘In a matter of hours, the Bay area was completely depleted of pumps, splashboards and self-bailers.’
    • ‘Two splashboards are located in the district.’
    • ‘Dwarfed by her jury-rigged splashboard, Lee had pushed to a handy boat length lead at the finish and will qualify for the A-final over Denmark's Fie Udby Graugaard.’
    • ‘Kiwai outrigger canoes had a protective splashboard called gope carved with a human face.’
    • ‘In order to render these vessels the more snug in rough weather or broken seas, a series of splashboards, called taupa karekare wai and pare arai wai parati, were secured along the sides.’
    • ‘In the Massim of Papua New Guinea, the trading canoes have intricately carved splashboards.’