Definition of splanchnopleure in US English:



  • A layer of tissue in a vertebrate embryo comprising the endoderm and the inner layer of mesoderm, and giving rise to the gut, lungs, and yolk sac.

    Often contrasted with somatopleure
    • ‘The splanchnopleure, which lies on the endoblast, takes part in the formation of the wall of the digestive tube.’
    • ‘The splanchnopleure and somatopleure are each composed of different structures (derived from different germ layers).’
    • ‘The yolk sac forms as the splanchnopleure surrounds the yolk.’
    • ‘Mobilization of calcium from the yolk begins early in embryonic chickens and is facilitated by the calcium binding protein calbindin-D28K in endodermal cells of the yolk splanchnopleure.’
    • ‘The liver is surrounded by splanchnopleure with a mesentery (the lesser omentum) connecting it to the stomach and to the ventral body wall (falciform ligament).’


Late 19th century: from Greek splankhna ‘entrails’ + pleura ‘side’.